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Spotlight Show - The Impressions
May 14, 2020 08:04 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers....

Well this was a big show when we first posted it but the Basement is busy working on 2 huge projects for a big future possible show, so we need to roll an older one, so for the people who didn't hear this the first time, here you go.

Here we have The Impressions, Curtis Mayfield & Jerry Butler's old band.
We will play trax from there lp's that most of out there have never heard before.
So let's start with good ....IMPRESSIONS.....

Intro: Junkie Chase
1. You've Been Cheating
2. I've Been Trying
3. Little Young Lover
4. Can't Satisfy
5. Check Out Your Mind
6. Gypsy Woman
7. Believe In Me
8. You Must Believe Me
9. Fool For You
10. I'm A Changed Man
11. Givin' Up On Love
12. Superfly
13. Seven Years
14. Riding High
15. Meeting Over Yonder
16. Never Give You Up
17. Sister Love
18. Falling In Love With You
19. You Always Hurt Me
20. We're A Winner
21. We're Rolling On
22. Baby Turn Me On
23. No One Else
24. Love Happenings
25. Were In Love
26. Love's A Coming
27. The Girl I Find
28. I Need You
29. I'll Always Be There
30. At The County Fair
31. Never Let You Go
32. Don't Let It Hide
33. It's Not Unusual
34. You'll Want Me Back
35. Jealous Man
36. Never Too Much Love
37. Falling In Love With You
38. Your Something Sadie
39. Too Slow
Outro: Junkie Chase

Spotlight Show - Stevie Wonder
May 14, 2020 07:34 PM PDT

Helooowwww Basementeers....

We did him before, and here he is again, the legendary Stevie Wonder and his music.

We will be going through a lot of his album trax and add a few hits here and there for good measure too.
We think if you like the Motown Sound your going to love this show.

Intro: Beach Comer
1. Party At The Beach House
2. Love A Go Go
3. Shooby Dooby Doo Dah Day
4. Do Yourself A Favor
5. Higher Ground
6. Did I Hear You Say You Love Me
7. I'm Wondering
8. Signed, Sealed Delivered
9. Tuesday Heartbreak
10. Be Calm, Be Cool Be Collected
11. Another Star
12. Yester You, Yester Me, Yesterday
13. Sunset
14. Look Around
15. Keep On Running
16. Front Line
17. Hey Love
18. Beach Stomp
19. Creepin'
20. Ain't Gonna Stand It No More
21. I Was Made To Love Her
22. That Girl
23. Contract On Love
24. Never Had A Dream Come True
25. Black Orchid
26. Cold Chill
27. Isn't She Lovely
28. Living In The City
29. Nothing's Too Good For My Baby
30. Fingertips
31. For Once In My Life
32. Sugar
33. Everybody Needs Somebody
34. Ain't No Loving
35. Frankie & Johnny
36. If You Really Love Me
Outro: Earth Creations

Basement Metal # 14
May 14, 2020 06:50 PM PDT

Well here we go again....

On this vintage edision of Basement Metal, we have some kikkin' songs to play.

Stuff will be from: Riot / Iron Maiden / Metallica / Merciful Fate and more...

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind
1. Pretty Tied Up-Guns & Roses
2. Holier Than Thou-Metallica
3. Eivil-Merciful Fate
4. Da Ja Vu-Iron Maiden
5. Music-Witchfinder General
6. Sheer Heart Attack-Queen
7. White Witch-Savatage
8. Come & Get It-Judas Priest
9. Pact With The Sinner-Lord Byuir
10. Swords & Tequila-Riot
11. Hungry-Draxon
12. Fool For Your Loving-White Snake
13. Die For My Sins-Sanctuary
14. Heartbreaker-Nantucket
Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Basement Reggae # 13
May 13, 2020 07:53 PM PDT

Here we are again one more time we do an archive check...

So on this show we have music from people like: Rossy / Sabrina Laughlin / Joni Mitchell and Bobby Holcome and more

So here it is an older presentation of Basement Reggae

Intro: Full Up-The sound Dimension
1. Shakin' It-Ronnie Macintosh
2. Hawaiian Rogh Riders-Keola Beamer
3. Message From A Black Man-The Heptones
4. Porinetia-Bobby Holcome
5. Dreamland-Joni Mitchell
6. Darkest Night-James Eastwood
7. To Piki Tanga-The Wai Patu Party
8. Heikapua-O. Rataro
9. Tiare Maohi-Eddie Lund
10. Terehe-Sabrina Laughlin
11. Baby We've Got A Date-Bob Marley & The Wailers
12. Sereana-Volasiga Kei Visailego
13. South Of Pago Pago-Benjamin Rogers
14. Tears On My Pillow-Calypso Viberations
15. If Your Still There-Rossy
16. Fat Girl-Jason Sweetness & Sah Banton
Outro: In The Mood-Perez Parob & Orchestra

Basement Jazz # 17
May 10, 2020 08:09 PM PDT

Hello Jazzmenteers ....

Well today we have some good classic popular songs for you to hear.

They are from: Passport / Clark Terry / Return To Forever and Chico Hamilton and more...

So let the games begin...

Jingle Jangle-Ron Franipane
1. Isle Of Capri-Buddy Morrow
2. Topsy-Chico Hamilton
3. Cherry Hill Park-Ron Frangipane
4. Here's To Micky's Memory-Chet Baker
5. 11-4-Dave Brubeck
6. St. Louis Blues-Gil Evans
7. Earth Juice-Return To Forever
8. Walking My Baby Back Home-Elliot Lawrence
9. Louisiana-Bob Brockmyer
10. See See Rider-Paul Mitchell
11. Children's Dance-Passport
12. Chuckles-Clark Terry
13. My Slick-Ron Carter
14. Swanee River Boogie-Joe Harnell & Moe Wechsler
15. Love When I'n In Your Arms-Bobbie Humpherey
Outro: Look Alive-Bob James

Basement Metal # 69
May 10, 2020 07:53 PM PDT

Hellow Metaaalll Heedzzz....

Ok a little late but here we are....Yes your announcer is on a very heavy project so shows might be delayed a few days for a few weeks, but we will try to fix that in a week or two. It's all good things were working on, it just all takes time....
One of the things were doing.....we just received a crap load of records, cassettes and CD's to play for future shows so were going through a whole bunch of music and actually writing a book too, so lots going on here.....

Sooo anyway for this show, we have good music from: RUSH / Bad Co. / Judas Priest and OZZY.....

So let's get this one posted...

Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath
1. Gotta Get Out Tonight-The Runaways
2. Over The Mountain-OZZY Osborne
3. No Lies-The Bishops
4. Respect Me In The Morning-Molly Hatchet
5. Dog Eat Dog-AC/DC
6. Two Time Love-Spooky Tooth
7. 48 Crash-Suzi Quatro
8. Fearless-Bad Company
9. Subhuman-Blue Oyster Cult
10. Deliver The Goods-Judas Priest
11. No One At The Bridge-RUSH
12. Midnight Highway-Frank Marino
13. Long Time Gone-38 Special
Outro: Intro The Void-Black Sabbath

Basement Metal # 68
May 05, 2020 07:51 PM PDT

Helloooz yoo all Metaaalll Headzzz out there.......

Yeeeh were a bkit late but were sort of out of the office this week...but here we are to post this last Fridays show 4 days late.....so pretend it's May Day once again for the people who missed last weekend so here we go for rockin' for the weekend May 1-2-3, 2020 or for any weekend reallyyyyyyy...........

So groups slated for the May 1st, 2020 show are: New England / Tom Petty / THIN (FRIKIN') LIZZY and UFO and a few more..... Alright here we go people........

Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath
1. Super Conductor-Rush
2. One For The Rodeo-UFO
3. Heart Of Darkness-Heart
4. Try-Babyface
5. Sucker In A 3 Piece-Van Halen
6. Rock Or Bust-AC/DC
7. Waiting For An Alibi-Thin Lizzy
8. Honey Bee-Tom Petty
9. Fame & Fortune-Bad Company
10. Watch Yourself-Mike Fennelly
11. He Sent Me You-Mark Farner
12. Didn't I Love You-Gabriel
13. Shoot-New England
Outro: Into The Void-Black Sabbath

Basement Reggae # 17
May 05, 2020 07:39 PM PDT

Hello Reggaementeers....

Well 1 week late but were away on another assignment this week but here we go ...this is for last week...if this makes any sense....

OK for this show we will feature music from: The Boost / Dennis brown / Bill Mure / Sly & Robbie and John Holt.

Ok let's get the waves rolling.....

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension
1. Brand New Second Hand-Peter Tosh
2. Rum & Tobacco-Tulio Enrique Leo
3. Another Brick In The Hall-The Boost
4. Song Of The Islands-Bill Mure
5. Cry To Me-Bob Marley & The Wailers
6. White Hen-The Espanols
7. Sitting & Watching-Dennis Brown
8. Blessed Cumbia-The Wawanco
9. An Old Farmer-Hu Mei Hong
10. Inner City Blues-Sly & Robbie
11. Island Mood-Harry Kapuni
12. Rope In-Cornel Campbell
13. Golden Sands-Les Paul & Mary Ford
14. Sweetie Come Brush Me-John Holt
15. Bongo Congo-Haji Baba
16. Reunite Jamaica-The Earth Messengers
17. One Cold Vibe-Third World
18. No Competition-Freddy McGreggor
Outro: The Hukilu Song-The Hawaiian Islanders

You Broke My Basement
April 27, 2020 08:22 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers all over.

Better late then never here...nobody was attending the basement for a few days, so that's why we are posting it now.

So on this show we will have music from: The Move / Wings / Johnny Taylor / The Monkees / The Beach Boys and more......

So should we get going ??....

Intro: There's No Biz Like Show Biz-Stanley Black
1. Words & Music-The Adrissi Brothers
2. Day Tripper-Hits A Go Go
3. Dinah Flo-Boz Scaggs
4. On A carousel The Hollies
5. Firefly-Tommy Roe
6. Boys In The Band-Raiders
7. Junk Maker Shop-The Yellow Balloon
8. Love Me Baby-Jon & Robbin
9. Moonshine Man-Hermits Hermits
10. Love A Go Go-Stevie Wonder
11. Your Love Is Come & Go-Jackie DeShannon
12. Long Promised Road-The Beach Boys
13. Singing My Song-The Partridge Family
14. You Broke My Heart-Bob Locken
15. Cry-The Marmalade
16. Goodby Surprise-The turtles
17. Heed The Call-Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
18. She Hangs Out-The Monkees
19. The Last Song-Bob Seger
20. Fire Brigade-The Move
21. Tip Of My Tongue-The Grassroots
22. Night Out-Wings
23. Feather Balloon-The Sugar Bears
24. Go Where You Wanna Go-The 5th Dimension
25. It's My Life-The Animals
26. Ain't No Big Thing-The Radiants
27. Missing You-Luther Ingram
28. Your Gonna Be Mine-The New Colony Six
29.Coming Home Tonight-Christie
30. Doing My Own Thing-Johnny Taylor
31. City Stars-Dobie Gray
32. Family Of Man-3 Dog Night
33. Waking Up Alone-Paul Williams
34. Accidents Will Happen-Elvis Costello
35. Can I make Love To You-Flo & Eddie
36. Finally Found A Home-Huey Lewis & The News
37. You Gotta Run-Snail
Outro: Safe Harbor-Fleetwood Mac

Basement Metal - Triple Rock Jams # 14
April 27, 2020 08:01 PM PDT

YOOO Metal Headzzz...

We have a Triple Rock Spin of 5 classic rock bands for you...they include: Mountain / John Mayall / REO Speedwagon / Foreigner and Robin Trower.....

We have 3 songs from each artists so hope you will like what we picked out.

Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath
1. Rev On The Red Line
2. Love Has Taken It's Toll
3. Hearts Turn To Stone
REO Speedwagon
1. Only The Strong Survive
2. It's Everywhere
3. I Don't Wanna Lose Ya
1. Don't Look Around
2. Our Last Cold Kiss
3. Sister Justice
John Mayall
1. Key To Love
2. Burning Sun
3. Dust My Blues
Robin Trower
1. Shattered
2. Time Is Short
3. Man Of The World
Outro: Into The Void-Black Sabbath

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