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Basement Metal #52
October 21, 2019 06:06 PM PDT

Hello Metal Heads...

OK better late then never...yes there are reasons this show was delayed...but will go into it later....

Anyway on this show we will be playing songs from: Deep Purple / Dark Star / Xero and Trespass.......

So let's get rockin'....

Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath
1. Just Take Me-Status Quo
2. Cutting Lose-Xero
3. Mad About You-Slaughter
4. Me 262-Blue Oyster Cult
5. One Of These Days-Trespass
6. Animal-Def Leppard
7. Lady Double Dealer-Deep Purple
8. Karma Wastes-Ride The Sun
9. Lady Of Mars-Dark Star
10. Delivering The Goods-Judas Priest
11. High Upon High-White Spirit
12. Throw The Chains Away-R.E.O. Speedwagon
13. Mighty, Mighty-Bride
14. Running-Modoc
Outro: Into The Void-Black Sabbath

Spotlight Show - Hudson / Ford
October 20, 2019 06:49 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers...

Finally we get a show posted, this has been a funny weekend.
Well here we go with another new Spotlight show with (Hudson / Ford) 2 guys that played with The Strawbs. We will be playing songs from there albums from the mid 1970's.

They are not all bad...just very under-rated.

BTW This was the show we could not find for a month, but here it is so pleeeeezzzz N'Joy this one. And thanks for your support.

Intro: Silent Star
1. Pick Up The Pieces
2. Take A Little Word
3. Did Worlds Collide
4. Daylight (Part 1)
5. Crying Blues
6. Free Spirit
7. Kiss In The Dark
8. Mile High City
9. Angels
10. Are You Dancing
11. Bootleg
12. Daylight (Part 2)
13. Let Her Cry
14. How Many Times
15. 95 In The Shade
16. I don't Understand
Outro: Silent Star

Basement Jazz # 33
October 16, 2019 06:43 PM PDT

Hellooo Jazzmenteers all over...

Here is a new show featuring songs from: Bobby Hutcherson / The Heath Brothers / Jonah Jones / Bob James and more.

So were ready are U ???.....

Intro: Jingle Jangle-Ron Frangipane
1. New York Slick-Ron Carter
2. Street People-Leo Gandelman
3. Cherokee-Earl Bostic
4. Looking Good-Eric Gale
5. Night Train-Hugo Montenrgro
6. Closer-Stan Turnetine
7. Look A Like-Bob James
8. Blue Makan-Pat Martino
9. Hot House-Stan Getz
10. Feelin' Dealin'-The Heath Brothers
11. Sho Gun Sunset-Steve Halpren
12. Quiet Fire-Bobby Hutcherson
13. It's A Good Day-Jonah Jones
14. Joggin'-Buddy Collette
Outro: The Island-Leo Gandelman

To drop us a line please email us at:

We would love to hear from you.

You Are The Lion, I Am The Basement
October 14, 2019 05:55 PM PDT

This is a Basement Replay....

This show is being posted in case of the other new show I just posted is more of a talk show then a musical show...so for the people who want music, here you go.

Hello Basementeers all over....We have an older show from Jan 2015 we want to play for people who didn't hear it the first time.

The songs we will feature will be from: The Grassroots / The Eagles / Boston / Argent / Flash and The Hollies as the Beaver......

So let's turn on the turntables, were ready to roll again.

Intro: Second Class-The Move
1. Wake Up My Love-George Harrison
2. Children Of The Universe-Flash
3. My Baby Loves Loving-Joe Jefferey
4. Times Like These-Dan Fogelberg
5. Be Glad-Argent
6. Woman-The New Colony 6
7. Mornings Calling-Peter & Gordon
8. Higher Power-Boston
9. When The Band Was singin' Shakin' All Over-The Guess Who
10. The Radio Song-The Parade
11. How Long Can A Rock & Roll Band Keep On Keeping On-Babyface
12. Give Me All Your Love-The Great Scotts
13. Don't Cry baby-Ted Nugent
14. Someone To Roll-Nazareth
15. She's A Woman-The Jalopy 5
16. Have You Ever-The Swinging Yo-Yo's
17. Fio Mara Vilha-Jorge Ben
18. You Are The Lion, I Am The Lamb-Phil Everly
19. Survival Of The Fittest-The Hollies
20. Love Power-The Sandpebbles
21. I'm Living For You Babe-The Grassroots
22. To Be Or Not To Be-The Bee Gees
23. Voodoo-The Michael Stanley Band
24. Doo Be Dum-The 4 Evers
25. On The Boarder-The Eagles
26. No Milk Today-Graham Gouldman
27. Numbers-Terry Knight & The Pack
28. Let Your Hair Grow long-Brian Wilson
29. This Is The Story Of My Love-Roy Wood & Wizzard
30. Susanna's Still Alive-The Kinks
31. Persecution Smith-Bob Seger & The Last Heard

Bull Session With The Dave Foundation
October 14, 2019 05:12 PM PDT

Hello Basementeers....

This show is one of those off the cuff shows that just happened on the spot. I invited two old dear friends I knew as far back as 1977 or so to come down and do a Podcast and this one went completely in another direction then planned, but when you don't have a real clear plan, it went something like what your about to hear....if you stick with it.

I had re-occurring guest Dave Swerdlick who has come down to play PUNK songs on previous shows. Dave who run's Story Cub and Kid Friday podcast's has returned with another old broadcasting friend, David Levin who has done Sports casting on TV in Minneapolis and Chicago.

The 3 of us discuss in an open form our lives, music, and anything else that came to our minds...this was really an open form discussion of our lives, so what you hear was what was discussed between the 3 of us at the time. So If you want to have extra voices in the room keeping you company, this might be a perfect show.
I called my guests (The Dave Foundation) because I had two Dave's in the Studio at once.

Hope you enjoy this special show.

Intro: The End-Gap Mangione
1. Stand By Me-Mohammed Ali
2. Betty Davis Eyes-Jackie DeShannon
3. Dave, Stuart & Dave Bull Session (It's Long)....
Outro: Morning Sun-Passport

Spotlight Show - B.W. Stevenson
October 13, 2019 09:00 PM PDT

This is a Basement Replay...

Well we are still trying to find this mystery show I recorded 3 weeks ago but no success....and untill I get over my sickness and get me voice back in check I hate to say here we go again with another classic Spotlight show....so for the people who have not heard it the first time.....

We have a great under-rated song writer and singer, B.W. Stevenson.
He had only 1 hit on his own, but had 2 hits...3 Dog Night covered one called: Shambala, yes B W did it first. But we think you will like some songs on this show.

Intro: Touch Of Pennsylvania
1. Down To The Station
2. The Lights Of The City
3. Dry, Dry Land
4. My Maria
5. Jackson
6. Say What I Feel
7. Heading Home
8. Holding On For Dear Love
9. Ko Ko Mo
10. Shambala
11. Jack Of Diamonds
12. Prettiest Eyes In California
13. Little Bit Of Understanding
14. Holding A Special Place For You
15. Maybe Mexico
16. Save A Little Time For love
17. Temper, Temper
18. One On One
19. Living It Day By Day
20. Heart Of The Country
21. A special Wish
22. Long Way To Go
23. Grab On, Hold On To My Soul
24. Roll On
25. Peaceful Easy Feeling
26. When You Touch Me This Way Outro: Cold Cold Winter

Basement Metal # 20
October 10, 2019 06:55 PM PDT

This is a Metal Replay.....and here's why....Yes your fearless Leader Still has not regained his voice back yet, well were hpoing another week so we can get out more new shows soon. But in the meantime.....let's look back a bit.....

We have good trax from: Keel / Pink Floyd / Rush / Tytan and Running Wild.....

So let's get on the road to rock....

Intro: Opa Loka-Hawkwind
1. Elephant-Coke Wolf
2. The Nile song-Pink Floy
3. The Watcher-Tytan
4. Drivin' Song-Frigid Pink
5. The Right To Rock-Keel
6. Tell The Truth-Derek & The Dominos
7. An Then There Were None-Exodus
8. Move On-Streets
9. Welcome Home-King Diamonds
10. Armed & Ready-Michael Shenkar Band
11. Eyes Of A Stranger-Queensrich
12. Meurotica-Rush
13. Conquistadors-Running Wild
Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Basement Reggae # 9
October 10, 2019 06:42 PM PDT

Hellooo everybody...

Yes we had to do it again...a replay show....Yes your DJ still has not got back his voice back yet fully, so maybe the next Reggae show will be a fresh new one.....

Well today will be playing songs from: The Selector / Bob Marley & The Wailers / The BIG Youth / Junior Tucker and more.....

So again think warm thoughts and here we go.

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension
1. Prophecy-Little Roy
2. Jump In The Line-The Goombay Emerald Beach Band
3. Barapipi-Miquelito Cuba & His Band
4. Donna-Bob Marley & The Wailers
5. Road March-The Steel band Clash
6. Absent From My World-The Stonefire Band
7. Shower Of Blessings-Mike Spice
8. Seis Numerao-Anomino
9. Kettle Drum-Bee Nee Man & Setermine
10. Anabacoa-Al Stephano & His Trio
11. Love From A Distance-Beres Hammond
12. Bongo Man-The Rhumbateers
13. Love Somebody-Junior Tucker
14. Missing Words-The Selector
15. Love Jah & Live-Luciano
16. Bide Up-Bunny & The BIG Youth
17. Can't Get You Off My Mind-#rd World
18. Pass It On-Bunny Wailer
Outro: Bongo Bash-Al Stephano & His Trio

Space/Prog Rock (Part 2)
October 06, 2019 06:36 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers ....

Here is the second part of the Spacey-proggy rock show we put together and wanted to get this posted, so here it is. Just think Space the final frontier.

Songs will be from: Genesis / Styx / Klaatu / Black Sabbath / Stardrive and ELO.....and a few more.

So were ready to blast off once again.

Intro: Logos-Tangerine Dream
1. Flowers In The Night-Jefferson Airplane
2. Wish Upon A Star-Steve Miller band
3. Porcupine Rock-Jean Jack Perre
4. Looking At The World-The Split Level
5. Cosmic Messenger-Jean Luc Ponti
6. Secret Messages-Electric Light Orchestra
7. The Sharif-Emerson, Lake & Palmer
8. Diamond Song-Starcastle
9. Funkascenisions-Stardrive
10. Today Is Only Yesterday Tomorrow-
lother & The Hand People
11. Bird's Lament-Moondog
12. Gypsy-Black Sabbath
13. Mirrors-Angel
14. Pulstar-Vangelis
15. I Ask You-Faichild
16. Glorified Magnified-Manfred Mann
17. Counting In Time-Genesis
18. This Old Man-Styx
19. Journey-F.M.
20. Movement 3-Michael Stearnes
21. Calling Occupants-Klaatu
22. I believe I'm Going Down-The Truth
23. The Crash-Duncan Brown
24. PXR5-Hawkwind
25. Cinnamon Road-Tangerine Dream
Outro: Planet Unfolding-Michael Stearnes

Spotlight Show - Cream
October 06, 2019 06:12 PM PDT

This Is A Basement Replay plus a request......

Well here they are once more. With the world mourning the death of Ginger Baker the drummer of the classic band CREAM, we thought we would play this one for the week. We also were still looking for a lost show I wanted to play last week and still have not found this elusive sucker....so we thought CREAM will be good.

SO: Ginger Baker / Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton were the power trio and sold gobbs of lp's in the 60's, and still do today, just different formats.

So for the people who didn't hear the first time, or would want to hear it again, here they are CREAM........

Intro: Cat's Squirrel
1. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
2. World Of Pain
3. Doing That Scrapyard Thing
4. Well Alright
5. Rolling & Tumbling
6. Politician
7. Strange Brew
8. Lawdy Mamma
9. Badge
10. Those Were The Days
11. Presence Of The Lord
12. What A Bringdown
13. I Feel Free
14. I'm So Glad
Outro: Stepping Out

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