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Spotlight Show - John Miles
October 03, 2020 06:51 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers all over.....

One day late, but delays will happen I am out of the Basement lately and in 3 projects all at once, this might go on all month sorry but we will try to get on old and new shows for the people who have not heard the older shows, here will be your chance, but can't help life calling me to get on stuff pulling me away from what I like to do....do shows for all of you,,, we will keep being here in some way or another.... Sooo...

Today we have the music of John Miles, a great songwriter. very under-rated as a musician ect.
So we bring his music to you and you can hear what he sounds like. We think you will like his songs.

Intro: Put The Whole Thing Down
1. I Have Never Been In Love Before
2. Stand Up And Give Me A Reason
3. Where Would I Be Without You
4. Once In Your Life
5. Highfly
6. Boarderline
7. Out Of The Cradel
8. I'll Never Do It Again
9. Do It Anyway
10. No Hard Feelings
11. It's Not Called Angel
12. Run
13. Turn Yourself Lose
14. Glamour Boy
15. Blinded
16. Music
17. Take Me To Heaven
18. Everybody Wants Some More
Outro: Music

Spotlight Show - Jimi Hendrix
October 03, 2020 06:40 PM PDT

This was a request.....

Do you have any Hendrix please ???...Well yes here you go...and then some.
Well for the Hendrix fans of his music we have 2 hours of songs maybe you never heard before, and some songs you have... It's a mix of old and old at this time....

So let's get into the music of Jimi Hendrix.....

Intro: Drone Blues
1. Message To Love
2. Freedom
3. Little Miss strange
4. Stone Free
5. Manic Depressions
6. Go-Go Shoes (Part 1)
7. Simon Says
8. Bold As Love
9. Highway Chile
10. Dolly Dagger
11. Gypsy Boy (New Rising Sun)
12. E.Z. Blues
13. Voodoo Chile
14. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
15. Love Or Confusion
16. Can You See Me
17. Goodby Bessie May
18. Little Miss Lover
19. E.Z. Rider
20. Look Over Yonder
21. Blue Sued Shoes
22. Come On
23. You Got Me Floating
24. I Don't Live Today
25. All I Want
26. Drifting
27. Johnny B. Goode
28. Come Down Hard On Me Baby
29. Fire
30. Rock Me Baby
Outro: Beginnings

Basement Metal - Rockin' Covers # 1
September 28, 2020 07:54 PM PDT

Hellooo Metal hedzzz...

A few days late but can't hep it we were not here in the basement, but were back this week catching up.....

So were doing a show on Rockin' Covers from: Slade / Styx / Aerosmith / Humble Pie and Wasp and more....

So here we go now....

Intro: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy
1. Mr. Soul-Rush
2. No Matter What-Def Leppard
3. Just A Little-Nils Lofgren
4. Paint It Black-The Flamin' Groovies
5. I Don't Need No Doctor-Humble Pie
6. Evil Woman-Black Sabbath
7. Saturday Night's Alright For fighting-Wasp
8. Walking The Dog-Aerosmith
9. Born To Be Wild-Slade
10. No Where To Run-Catfish
11. I Wanna Be Your Man-The Rolling Stones
12. Johnny B. Goode-Judas Priest
13. The Last Time-The Who
14. Wishing Well-Styx
15. Gimmy Shelter-Grand Funk Railroad
Outro: Renegade-Thin Lizzy

Basement Disco # 2
September 28, 2020 07:34 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers....

Well some of you have waited long enough to get down on the dancefloor once again with Disco In The Basement number 2.

Songs you can get down to will be from: Lisa Dalbello / Valarie Carter / Leroy Hudson / Earth, Wind & fire / Exile and a few more...

Ok were ready to get down and dance, dance, dance.....

Intro: Gimmy Your Love-Alma Faye
1. I Paid My Dies-Nytro
2. Better Days-Vernon Burch
3. Think Before You Stop- The Notations
4. Do Ya Wanna Dance-Calhoon
5. Happiness-The Pointer Sisters
6. Which Way Is Up-Stargard
7. King Tut's Back-Ernie Collins
8. Anybody Wanna Party-Gloria Gaynor
9. Your Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else-The Jones Girls
10. Don't Let Go-Tony Orlando
11. I Love America-Patrick Juvet
12. Star Wars-Maynard Furguson
13. How Could This Go Weong-Exile
14. I Feel Love Coming On-Jay & The Techniques
15. Feel The Spirit-Leroy Hudson
16. I Love New York-Metropolis
17. Who Do You Love-K.C. & The Sunshine
18. Get Down-Spider Turner
19. Pretty Girls-Lisa Dalbello
20. Da Doo Rendezvous-Valarie Carter
21. Got To Be Real-Cheryl Lynn
22. You Better Bet Your Love-Herbie Hancock
23. Pisado-Pockets
24. Star-Earth, Wind & Fire
25. Don't Fall In Love-Alma Faye
26. Let Me Take you dancing-Bryan Adams
27. Rock It-Lipps Inc.
28. Lost In Music-Sister Sledge
29. Baby Maybe I'm Your Fool-The pips
30. Play That Music For Me One More Time-Aquarian Dream
Outro: The Court Of Miracles-Alec Costandios

Roll The Basement
September 20, 2020 07:44 PM PDT

Helooo Basementeers....

Here we go with another show...no introduction will be needed here... soo...

The music on this show will be from: Tim Hardin / The Robbs / Del Shannon / Frank Zappa and Canned Heat and many more

So the show goes on:.....

Intro: There's no Biz Like show Biz-Stanly Black
1. Angel Of Darkness-The Everly Brothers
2. Justine-Linda Ronstadt
3. Landlord-Apple & Appleberry
4. Pre-Road Downs-Crosby, Stills & Nash
5. Looking For The Good Times-The Monkees
6. Twice Of Life-The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
7. Maybe Tomorrow-The Frost
8. No Not Now-Frank Zappa
9. Dream Man-Neil Young
10. It's Still Good-Wilson Pickett
11. Your The One-Blood, Sweat & Tears
12. When The Sun Shines-Pacific Gas & Electric
13. I Can Feel It-Chase
14. Perfection-Tim Hardin
15. Deep Inside Me-Joe South
16. So Much In Love-The Inmates
17. Boogie Music-Canned Heat
18. You Make My Life-Aretha Franklin
19. Rapid Transit-The Robbs
20. Roll The Dice-Charlie
21. Often Is A Word I Seldom Use-John Prine
22. Golden Lady-Stevie Wonder
23. Why Don't You Tell Him-Dell Shannon
24. Alabama Bound-The Rooftop Singers
25. Looking At The Rain-Gordon Lightfoot
26. That Same Old Feeling-Sweet Sensations
27. Getting My Daddy's car-Burton Cummings
28. The Path Of Love-The Cowsills
29. Broken Barricades-Procol Harum
30. Let's Be Together-Sly & The Family Stone
31. Summer In The City-Bobby Vee
Outro: No Biz Like Show Biz-Stanley Black

Spotlight Show - The Kinks
September 19, 2020 08:52 PM PDT

Hello Basementeers all over....

We had a request for this group THE KINKS well here you go....

This is a great snap shot of what this group really sounds like. The hits don't really show what talent this band had..so we will go into their lp trax and after this show, you will want to get some of there lp's. We know we will make some of you out there kinks fans.....

So for the next 2 hours, we present the Kinks and there music.

Intro: Lola
1. Look For Me Baby
2. Do You Remember Walter
3. Misty Water
4. This Man Weeps Tonight
5. Victoria
6. Sleep Walker
7. Session Man
8. Till The End Of The Day
9. Working At The Factory
10. Salvation Road
11. Plastic Man
12. Long Tall Sally
13. Creeping Jean
14. See My Friends
15. Sweet Lady Genevieve
16. Sing Mr. Songbird
17. 20th Century Man
18. Apeman
19. You Still Want Me
20. So Mystifying
21. Tired Of Waiting For You
22. Funny Face
23. Polly
24. The Way Love Used To Be
25. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
26. Hot Potatoes
27. Starmaker
28. Picture Book
29. Preservation
30. Hay Fever
31. She's Got Everything
32. Top Of The Pop's
33. Waterloo Sunset
34. Set Me Free
Outro: Revenge

Basement # 77
September 19, 2020 03:11 PM PDT

Hellow Metalll Hedzzz.....

Ok here we are with anoither show to rev up...

On this one we have songz from: White Wolf / Thin Lizzy / Black & Blue / Wasp and a few more.

Alright, Alright, Alright letz git this a show a started.....

Intro: Still In Love With You-Thin Lizzy
1. Hate To Love Me-Wasp
2. Sing To Me-1994
3. Shake, Shake, Shout-Hurricane
4. Man In The Wilderness-Styx
5. Bombastic Plastic-Black & Blue
6. Woman In Black-Foreigner
7. Fireball-Sun & Steel
8. It's Only Money-Thin Lizzy
9. Remember-The Now
10. You Got It-Redwing
11. Metal Thunder-White Wolf
12. Living On A Knifes Edge-Hawkwind
13. It's Only Money-Argent
14. Breaking All The Rules-Peter Frampton
Outro: Rengage-Thin Lizzy

Basement Beatles # 2 - Sampling The Beatles Ect...
September 15, 2020 08:15 PM PDT

Hello Beatleteers......

Yes that's our name for anyone who still love this band, and can't get enough of there music. Well This is a special show and yes on the third Wednesday of every month we will have a new Beatle concept or related to the Beatles, it should be a fun experience.

So on this show we will be playing music from the Beatles, solo Beatles and other artist from the Apple label ect... So tune in and have a listen...

Intro: She Loves You-George Martin Orch.
1. Little Child-The Beatles
2. Kansas City-Pete Best
3. Yellow Submarine-The Black Dyke Mills Band
4. Sour Milk Sea-Jackie Lomax
5. Love Me Do-Badfinger
6. Were On Our Way-Chris Hodge
7. Don't Let Me Wait Too Long-George Harrison
8. Not A Second Time-Robert Palmer
9. Intuition-John Lennon
10. Waiting For The Sunrise-Yoko Ono
11. Getting Better-The Beatles
12. Lend Me Your Comb-Carole Huges
13. The Word-The Beatles
14. It Wont Be Long-The Cliffs Over Lavender Hill
15. Devil Woman-Ringo Starr
16. Carolina On My Mind-James Taylor
17. Little Woman Love-Wings
18. My Dark Hour-The Steve Miller Band
19. Old Brown Shoe-The Beatles
20. God Save Us-The Elastic Oz Band
Outro: She Loves You-The George Martin Orch.

Dog Eat Basement
September 14, 2020 06:41 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers....

Well another week goes by and here we are on again with a new show with a funny tittle...Dog Eat Basement...well mine has lol...

So on this show you get to hear songs from: Lynyrd Skynyrd / Santana / Bob Dylan / Kansas / Steely Dan and Tom Petty and more.

Ok the music starts here.....

Intro: There's No Business Like Show Business-Stanley Black
1. Hoodoo Woman-Backstreet Crawler
2. Good Old Fashioned Lover-Queen
3. Growing Up-Bruce Springsteen
4. I Believe-Triumvirat
5. Funky Pretty-The Beach Boys
6. Hold Out Your Hand-Chris Squire
7. Your Gonna Get It-Tom Petty
8. Lady Blues-Leon Russell
9. Madman Across The Water-Elton John
10. Any Major Dude Will Tell You-Steely Dan
11. Honey Don't Leave L.A.-James Taylor
12. What's On My Mind-Kansas
13. Do Nobody Wrong-Elvin Bishop
14. The Pretender-Jackson Brown
15. Tumbling Dice-Linda Ronstadt
16. The Raven-The Alan Parsons Project
17. I Know What I like-Genesis
18. Love In Vain-Bob Dylan
19. Driftwood-The Moody Blues
20. Let The Music Set Free-Santana
21. Miser Love's Company-The Michael Stanley Band
22. Stone Blue-Foghat
23. Needle & The Spoon-lynyrd Skynyrd
24. Magazine-Heart
25. Another Cruel Love-The Marshal Tucker Band
26. Accidentally Like A Marauder-Warren
27. Dog Eat Dog-Ted Nugent
28. Mystic Traveler-Dave Mason
Outro: There's No Business Like Show Business-Stanley Black

Basement Metal # 76
September 11, 2020 09:29 PM PDT

Hellooo Mittalll Hedzzz......

Ready to get reved up againnn.....OK here we goooo....

So on this show we have songzzzzz from: Black Sabbath / Airborne / AC/DC / T-Rex and Hammersmith and a few more....

So grab a hold if you wanna go....

Intro: Still In Love With you-Thin Lizzy
1. Let The Music Do the Talking-Aerosmith
2. Can't Get Enough-The Scorpions
3. Vagabond-Thin Lizzy
4. Lovely Lady-Brownsville station
5. Whiskey On The Rocks-AC/DC
6. Someone To Love-Jefferson Airplane
7. Sympathy-Uriah Heep
8. Breaking Down-Hammersmith
9. New City Lament-Alice Cooper
10. Cadillac-T-Rex
11. Shooz-Styx
12. Slipping Away-Black Sabbath
13. Are You Alone-Off Broadway USA
14. Bladie May-Johnny Winter
15. That's Where My Goes-Airborne
Outro: Renegade-Thin Lizzy

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