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May 03, 2018 09:09 PM PDT

Hellooo all you Metalteers everywhere.....

Yes this is the debut of a new concept for SFTB. I have had a few requests and a few demands to go totally heave metal, but I figure to please all the listeners to all the shows, we will open up a new show for the people who have a need and miss Metal & hard rock music. So we came up with (BASEMENT METAL)...We do hope you will like our efforts......were trying to please here..... So with that said. The show for now will be a weekly show, 60 minutes playing music from the Hair metal age and throw in a bunch of other harder rock that I wouldn't usually play om my regular SFTB weekly show, We are still experimenting and tweaking this concept but we will hit our stride soon. Again Hope you like our efforts.

We will feature songs from: KISS / Iron Maiden / Judas Priest / Exciter and a few more. So here we zoom into the world of Metal.

Introsurprisedpa-Loka - Hawkwind
1. Rock The Nation-Montrose
2. Hard Lovin' Man-Riot
3. Pounding Metal-Exciter
4. Trashed-Black Sabbath
5. We Care A Lot-Faith No More
6. I Just Wanna-KISS
7. Keeper Of The Faith-Heir Apparent
8. Rock Hard, Ride Free-Judas Priest
9. Break The Chain-Raven
10. I Got The Fire-Axe
11. Another Night On The Town-The Rods
12. Sea Of Madness-Iron Maiden
13. Sirens-Savatage
Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Approx: 60 Minutes

Spotlight Show - B.W. Stevenson
May 03, 2018 08:52 PM PDT

Hello Basementeers ....

Today we have a very underrated artist called: B.W. Stevenson. He was a singer, songwriter dabbling on the country-rock side of the musical spectrum. His claim to fame was in 1973 with a songs called: My Maria...yes you might know that song...We will play tracks from his albums and some fun facts about his career too.

Intro:Touch Of Pennsylvania
1. Down To The Station
2. The Light Of The City
3. Dry, Dry Land
4. My Maria
5. Jackson
6. Say What I Feel
7. Heading Home
8. Holding On For Dear Love
9. KoKo Mo
10. Shambala
11. Jack A Diamonds
12. Prettiest Eyes In California
13. Little Bit Of Understanding
14. Holding A Special Place For You
15. Maybe Mexico
16. Save A Little Time For Love
17. Temper, Temper
18. One On One
19. Living It Day By Day
20. Heart Of The Country (Duet with Willie Nelson)
21. A Special Wish
22. Long Way To Go
23. Grab On Hold On To My Soul
24. Roll On
25. Peaceful Easy Feeling
26. When You Touch Me This Way
Outro: Cold, Cold Winter

Time Approx: 90 Minutes

Space Songs # 2
April 29, 2018 07:33 PM PDT

Hellooooo Cape Kennedy, Fl. & Lomas de Zamora & Mendoza, Argentina, South America....and Basementeers all over the place......

Well today is a 2 parter to the Space show we did not all that long ago. This was request anyway so here it is by request......

So for the people who love looking up at the stars and space, well view it through music.

Music will be played by:The Police / David Bowie / The Church / The Elegants / Status Quo and Bobby Sherman as the Beaver.....

So let's fly off into the great beyond...

Intro: Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars
1. Wishing On The Moon-Dan Fogelberg
2. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon-Raiders
3. Please Mr. Sun-Paul Peterson
4. Look Here Comes The Sun-The Sunshine Company
5. Comes The Sun-The Archies
6.Sun Will Keep Shining-The Moody Blues
7. Hey Mr. Sun-Bobby Sherman
8. Ice In The Sun-Staus Quo
9. Invisable Sun-The Police
10. Veanus & Mars-Paul McCartney & Wings
11. Life On Mars-David Bowie
12. Jupiter Child-Steppenwolf
13. Cast Your Spell Uranus-Argent
14. Magic Star-Kenny Hollywood
15. Look For A Star-Gary Mills
16. Wish Upon A Star-Steve Miller Band
17. Little Star-The Elegants
18. Swing On A Star-Dion & The Bellmonts
19. Shooting Star-Dollar
20. Dark Star-Crosby, Stills & Nash
21. Northern Lights-Reniacanse
22. Under The Milky Way-The Church
23. Will There Be Space In A Space In A Spaceship-The McGuier Sisters
24. Lost In Space TV Theme
Outro: North Pole Rock-Dicky Goodman

Time Approx: 90 Minutes

Spotlight Show - Van Morrison
April 26, 2018 08:24 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers all over....

This week we have a singing legend, he is...Van Morrison.
We are featuring songs from records from his first 21 years on record, so songs from 1963 to 1984 will be played from thoes albums. We just don't have anything albums or CD's after 1985 from Van Morrison right now, but that could change in due time, we even have enough to do a second show if needed on the lp's we already have.

So for anyone who like Van Morrison songs out there, well tune in for this one.

Intro: Celtic Swing
1. Midnight Special
2. Gypsy
3. Flamingos Fly
4. A New Kind Of Man
5. Hungry For Your Love
6. Twingy Baby
7. Call My Name
8. Glad Tidings
9. These Dreams Of You
10. Warm Love
11. Across The Bridge Where Angels Dwell
12. Friday's Child
13. He Ain't Give You None
14. Satisfied
15. Sweet Thing
16. Full Force Gail
17. Boo-Zooh
18. The Street Only Knew Your Name
19. Baby What You Want Me To Do
20. Like A Cannonball
21. Northern Muse
22. Sweet Jannie
23. Jackie Wilson Said
24. Brown Eyed Girl
25. Wild Night
26. Confort You
27. Joyus Sound
28. Come Running
Outro: Boffylow & Spieke

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Dancing Little Basement
April 23, 2018 09:09 PM PDT

Helloooo Long Beach, CA / Karachi, Pakistan...and Basementeers everywhere..........

Well here we are again, going to spin more vintage music as usual in the basement.

Yes we have more surprises this week from: The Bobby Fuller 4 / Dr. Feelgood / James Brown / Bony M / Ringo Starr and The Archies as the Beaver.

So let's warm up the turn tables and play some records.

Intro:Charge-The Rousters
1. Winterlong-Niel Young
2. Everybody Knows-The Great Society
3. Anthem-Ringo Starr
4. A Woman Can Change A Man-Bony M.
5. Pretty Eyed baby-Frankie Avalon
6. A Little Bit Of Love-Free
7. My Last Farewell-Jose Faliciano
8. My Baby Love-The Temprees
9. Through The Fire-John Ussery
10. Hearts Made Of Stone-Dion
11. Dancing Little Thang-James Brown
12. As Tears Go By-Richard Anthony
13. Haleluah I Love Her So-Frank Sinatra
14. Mr. Frizzy-Guess Who
15. A Little Piece Of Dying-The Butterfield Blues Band
16. Some People-Alzo
17. Take My Word-The Bobby Fuller 4
18.Silently Falling (Part 1)-Chris Squire
19. Cheap Tequila-Johnny Winter
20. Walkin' The Dog/Ball & The Jack-Red Nicoles
21. Easy Slow-The Dirt Band
22. Singing My Song-The Partridge Family
23. Jumpin' From Love To Love-Dr. Feelgood
24. Stay Away-Pheobe Snow
25. Just You & Me-The Spinners
26. Park Avenue Blues-Wind In The Willows
27. Stay Awhile-Dusty Springfield
28. Pin A Meddle On Her-Rachel Sweet
29. Who's Gonna Love Me-The Archies
30. Around The Worls-Kay Starr
31. Fractured-Bill Haley & The Comets
32. Hey Look Me Over-Peggy Lee
33. Now That I Got You-Hamilton, Frank & Raynolds
Outro: Your A Lucky Guy-Mitchell Ayers & Orch.

Time Approx: 2 Hours...or so......

Spotlight Show - The Outlaws
April 19, 2018 10:30 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere.....

Today on the Spotlight show we have a great rockin' southern rock band that has been kind of forgotten ...their called: The Outlaws.......

After you hear them, your going to love their music !!!.....even go buy there lp's or CD's well we hope so.

Intro: Hurry Sundown
1. Ain't So Bad
2. Don't Stop
3. Ghost Rider's In The Sky
4. There Goes Another Love Song
5. Gun Smoke
6. Take It Anyway You Want It
7. Soldier Of Fortune
8. Lights Are On But Nobody Home
9. Foxtail Lilly
10. Devil's Road
11. Lover Boy
12. I Hope You Don't Mind
13. A Real Good Feeling
14. Green Grass & High Tides
15. Hearing My Heart Talking
16. The Outlaw
17. Rebel Girl
18. Long Gone
19. Whishing Wells
20. Just For You
21. Holiday
22. Love At First Sight
23. Cold & Lonesome
24. Song In The Breeze
25. Too Long Without Her
26. Easy Does It
27. It's What You Don't Do
28. Keep Praying
29. I'll Be Leaving Soon
Outro: Stick Around For Rock & Roll

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Give The Basement What She Wants
April 15, 2018 06:18 PM PDT

Heloooo, Fort Wayne, Ind. & Tokyo, Japan and Basementeers everywhere...

On this episode of the Basement well we just get back to doing our thing what ever that is.

We will play trax from: Roxy Music / The Hellcats / Blue Oyster Cult / Aretha Franklin / Freddy King / Santana and Freddy & The Dreamers as the Beaver...

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1.I Want You-Lindsey Buckingham
2.New Jersey-England Dan & John Ford Coly
3.Over & Over-Santana
4.Following The Way That I Feel-Ozark Mountain Daredevils
5.Break My Chain-Rick Nelson
6.Give Your Lady What She Wants-The Spinners
7.Hayride-Gary Lewis & The Playboys
8.May You Never-Michael Johnson
9.You Are She-Chad & Jeremy
10.All Heaven Broke Lose-R.E.O. Speedwagon
11.Saranade-Roxy Music
12.Standing At The Crossroads-10 Years After
13.Time & Love-Laura Nyro
14.So Swell When Your Well-Aretha Franklin
15.What Good Am I Without You-Jackie Wilson
16.Summer Weaving-Melanie
17.It's About That Time-The Hallabaloos
18.I Got To Boogie-B.W. Stevenson
19.You Don't Have To Go-Freddy King
20.Going Through The Motions-Blue Oyster Cult
21.Thoes Eyes-Toronto
22.Same Old Bluegrass Story-The Write Brothers
23.Bittersweet-The Robbs
24.Lady My Love-Cees Veerman
25.What Have I Done To You-Freddy & The Dreamers
26.You Don't Know What I Know-Righteous Brothers
27.Can I Steal A Little Love-The Ding-A-Lings
28.Things Will Never Be The Same-Just For Men
29.It's Alright-The Hellcats
30.Mental Telepathy-B.T.Express
31.Wonderful Woman-Dennis Yost
32.A New Ray Of Sunshine-Dobie Gray
33.Head Over Heals-Mike Rabin & The Demons
34.Look Over Yonders Wall-The Butterfield Blues Band
35.They Call It Rock & Roll Music-Delany & Bonnie
Outro:Astrall Alley-Shorty Rogers

Time Approx: 2 Hours

The Hues Corporation
April 14, 2018 09:05 PM PDT

Helooo Basementeers...

We have a freak snow storm over us this weekend so I had to get out and dig our Basement out or 3 FT of snow so were posting the Spotlight Show a day late.

But this round on the Spotlight show is... (The Hues Corporation)....

A funky pop unit from the 1970's who only had one hit in 1974, but had a few lp's and we had a few songs to pick off their albums....and yes they need some exposure in this day and age.

So let's get a bit funky in the Basement.

Intro: Bringin' It
1. Love's Corporation
2. There He Is Again
3. Keepin' Our Business Together
4. Good Footin'
5. Miracle Maker
6. Natuarl Find
7. Love Dance
8. Something In Return
9. Rock The Boat
10. Boogie Me, Move Me
11. Follow The Spirit
12. What The World Knows
13. Love's There
14. Devil Me
15. Give Me Everything
16. Bound On A Reason
17. Deep Down
18. You Showed Me What Love Is
19. I'm Gonna Catch You
20. Love Fire
21. Get Into My Music
22. All Going Down Together
23. Dancing Together Again
Outro: Get It Off Your Backside

Time Approx: 90 Minutes

Country From The Basement # 4
April 09, 2018 12:51 PM PDT


Hellooo Tulsa, Ok. & Suart, India and Basementeers all over...........

Yes this will be the last installment of our Country series, so we will be back to normal next week....well what's normal around here....???....

Well for the people who do enjoy this rope 'Em Up Camp Git-Around....

We will have our musical partners sing for you like: Moe Bandy / Con Hundly / Brooks & Dunn / Emmy Lou Harris / Aaron Tipton / Dolly Parton and Conway Twitty as the Beaver....

So let's head off to the pass and have our little chuck wagon in the Basement...YYYAAAHHHHOOOO......

Intro:Long Hard Ride-Marshal Tucker Band
1.Blind Love-Tanya Tucker
2.Boot Scootin' Boogie-Brooks & Dunn
3.Honkey Tonkin'-Hank Williams Jr.
4.Rodeo Romeo-Mo Bandy
5.Brother Jukebox-Mark Chestnut
6.Love Is On A Roll-Don Williams
7.Runnin' With The Wind-Eddie Rabbit
8.She's In Love With The Boy-Tresha Yearwood
9.Working Man's P.H.D.-Aaron Tipton
10.Sail Away-Oak Ridge Boys
11.You Came Along One Promise Too Late-Reba MacEntire
12.Confindectial-Con Hundley
13.You Angel You-New Riders Of The Purple Sage
14.Thoes Good Times Are Over-Jess Garren
15.There's A Story In My Song-Dale Alen
16.The Orphan-Joey George
17.Your Gonna Get It In The End-The Dirt Band
18.You Put The Blue In Me-The Whites
19.Where Do I Go-Emmy Lou Harris
20.Love Will Turn You Around-Kenny Rogers
21.Sunflower-Glen Campbell
22.Walking On New Grass-Bobby Goldsborro
23.Let's Go All The Way-Norma Jean
24.White Line Fever-Howdy Glenn
25.It's Been A Good Afternoon-Merl Haggard
26.Boogie Brass Band-Conway Twitty
27.We've Come A Long Way-Loretta Lynn
28.Slippin' Away-The Bellamy Brothers
29.Your The Only One-Dolly Parton
30.Fooled By A Feeling-Barbra Mandrell
31.Co-Ca-Cola Cowboy-Mel Tillis
32.Smokey Mountain Rain-Ronnie Milsap
33.Let It Shine-Olivia Newton John
34.Here Comes Everybody Baby-Eddie Weaver
35.Read It & Weap-Trina Love
36.Rhy Wiskey-Tex Ritter
37.Top Of The World-Lynn Anderson
38.Love Just Crossed My Mind-Sam Neely
Outro:Buckersfeild Breakdown-The Buckaroos

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Series: Nantucket
April 06, 2018 11:05 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers everywhere.....

Today we have a band called: nantucket...and there not even from that city...there from North Carolina. But there a good obscure rockin' band, and there still going today.

So we go through 5 of there albums plus their first 45 (Hard to find). So after hearing there songs, please go get there records, you'll love them..

Intro: Out Of Control
1. I Live For Your Love
2. Girl I Got Your Number
3. On The Radio
4. Heartbreaker
5. Horizontal Weekend
6. Over & Over Again
7. Hey, Hey Blondie
8. I Don't Want To Lose You
9. What's The Matter With Loving You
10. Time Bomb
11. I Pay The Rent
12. Ain't It A Shame
13. Never Felt This Way Before
14.Real Romance
15. Wide Awake
16. Rug Burn
17. Quite Like You
18. Driving Me Crazy
19. Morning, Noon & Night
20. Born In A Honkey Tonk
21. It's A Long Way To The Top
Outro: Freedom

Time Approx: 90 Minutes

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