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TV Themes # 1
September 10, 2017 08:39 PM PDT

Helloooo, San Jose, California / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and Basementeers everywhere........

Today we have a new concept and something we have never done before for SFTB. I tell ya it was a hard concept to put together but well worth the effort. For anyone who sat in front the television at any givin' time of your life in the last 60 years, you will know at least one of the TV themes you'll hear on this show. The list is too massive to mention in one sentence, but you will hear themes like: Fish / The High Chaparral / The Odd Couple / Soap / Doogie Howser M.D. / Star Trek / Cannon and Get Smart as the Beaver.

So this is going to be an interesting show, so turn on the internet and tune in but don't drop out.

Introtongueeter Gunn Theme-Video All Stars
Set 1:
1.The Muppet Show
2.Bug Bunny Theme
3.Family Affair
4.Casper The Friendly Ghost
5.Casper The Friendly Ghost-Jess Harnell
Set 2:
1.Nanny & The Professor-The Addrissi Brothers
3.Doogie Howser M.D.
5.Thicke Of The Night-Alan Thicke
Set 3:
1.Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
2.Dasterdly & Mutley (Stop That Pigeon)
4.You Bet Your Life
5.Looking For The Beagles-The Beagles
Set 4:
1.Bourbon Street Beat
2.The Hair Bare Bunch
3.The Odd Couple
4.Star Trek
5.Chico & The Man-Jose Faliciano
Set 5:
1.The Brothers Grunt
2.Beverly Hills 90210-(Season 2 Theme)
4.T.J. Hooker
5.Baby I'm Back
Set 6:
1.Hardcastle & McCormic
2.Sting Wray
3.Gentles Ben
4.Get Smart
5.The High Chaparral
Set 7:
1.Make Room For Daddy
2.Perry Mason
3.Colt 45
4.Gumby & Pokey
5.The Ugliest Girl In Town-The Willo Bees
Set 8:
1.Tennessee Tuxedo
2.Mr. Broadway
3.Karen-The Beach Boys
4.The Electric Company
5.Kids Are People Too-Bob McKalester
Set 9:
1.H.R. Puffenstuff-Jack Wild
2.All In The Family
3.Corchips Of Eddie's Father
4.The Adam's Family
5.The Adam's Family-Joey Gaynor
Set 10:
1.That Girl
2.Howdy Doody
3.Mary Tyler Moore
5.Flintstones-Bruce Springstone
Set 11:
1.Fireball XL-5
2.The Waltons
3.The Saint
4.The Monkees Theme-The Monkees
5.Peter Gunn-The Video All Stars
Set 12:
1.Partridge Family
3.The Green Hornet
4.Super Snooper
5.Dobie Gillis-The Jud Cawlons Rhythmairs
Set 13:
1.Gomer Pyle USMC
2.Love American Style
3.Leave It To Beaver
4.Road Runner Theme
5.The Bugaloos Theme-The Bugaloos
Set 14:
2.Sanford & Son
3.Johnny Quest
4.Saturday Night Live
5.Mission Impossible-Lalo Shafin
Set 15:
1.I Spy
2.L.A. Law
3.NBC Mystery Show
4.Love Boat
5.Dr. Who
Outrosurprisedn The Bed-George Harrison

Time Approx 2 hours give or take a few minutes.

Spotlight Show - Steely Dan (Show Biz Basements)
September 08, 2017 02:50 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers everywhere...

With the passing of one the founding members Walter Becker, we thought we would Do This one Again in his honor. Besides a few Basementeers asked if we would do a Steely Dan show, well we did 1 year ago, so almost to the date, here we go again. For the people who missed it the first time....Heeeeerrz-Steely Dan.
We will go through most of there lp's and play lp trax and maybe a hit or two for good measure and let you hear there music more in depth then just hearing 4 hits all the time.

Intro:East St. Louis Toodle-oo
1.Brain Tap Shuffle
2.Barry Town
4.Don't Take Me Alive
5.Black Friday
7.Lunch With Gina
8.F.M. (No Static At All)
9.Here At The Western World
10.Change Of The Guard
11.Show Biz Kids
12.Roll Back The Meaning
13.Almost Gothic
14.Time Out Of Mind
15.Daddy Don't Live In That NYC No More
16.Any Major Dude Will Tell You
17.Come Back Baby
19.Sail The Waterway
20.Midnight Cruzer
21.My Rival
22.The Boston Rag
23.The Royal Scam
24.Black Cow
25.Cousin Dupree
26.If It Rains
27.Rikki Don't Lose That Number
28.Any World That I'm Welcome To
29.My Old School
31.Don't Let Me In
32.Chain Lightning
33.Green Earings
Outro: Haitian Divorce

The Basement On Page # 35 (Back To School Music)
September 04, 2017 12:37 AM PDT

Helloooo, Schools Everywhere....

Yeah it's about that time again to crack those books one more time. For all the people who dread going back to School in September...it can send a chill up your spine. Well we have a show about going back to school...in a good way.
We drudged up 68 songs about going back to School and ending the show with a musical graduation.

The music will be from: The Beach Boys / Bruce Stringbean / The Move / Michael Jackson / Dave Edmunds and Elton John as the Beaver...

The good news is, there's no test come Friday, just enjoy the show...while doing your homework
Good Luck In School Everybody ...

Intro:Intro:Moon Glow-The Scooby Doo All Stars
1.Farewell My Summer Love-Michael Jackson
2.Where Do The Girls Of The Summer Go-Mark Eric
3.Summer's Come And Gone-The Letermen
4.Summer's Over-Sheena Easton
5.Move On Out-Gloria Gunther
6.Back To School-The 4 Tops
7.Back To School Again-Timmy Rogers
8.School Bus Rock-Something Smith & the Redheads
9.Schoolbus Love Affair-Robin Luke
10.School Is In-Gary (US) Bonds
11.First Day Back In School-Paul & Paula
12.Boys & Girls-The Archies
13.Swingin' School-Bobby Rydell
14.School Teacher-Bob Seger
15.The Teacher-The Felcons
16.Abigale Beecher-Freddy Cannon
17.Teacher-Jethro Tull
18.Teacher I Need You-Elton John
19.Wake It Up-The Boyzz
20.Sister Mary Elephant-Cheech & Chong
21.Your Never Too Old-Rex Smith
22.Top 40 News Weather & Sports-Mark Dinning
23.Class Room-Freddy Sardo
24.Born To Add-Bruce Stringbean
25.4 Legged Zoo-Multiplication Rock
26.Ready Or Not, Here I Come-Multiplication Rock
27.The Class-Chubby Checker
28.Rock & Roll A-B-C's-Freddy Cannon
29.Wonderboy-Leslie Gore
30.D In Love-Cliff Richards
31.Lunch Hour-June Valli
32.That's What I Learned In School-Gayla Peevey
33.Hey Little School Girl-Fats Domino
34.The New Girl In School-Jan & Dean
35.Hey School Girl-Tom & Jerry (AKA-Simon & Garfunkel)
36.Little Young Lover-The Impressions
37.Love Jones-Brighter Side Of Darkness
38.Fire Brigade-The Move
39.When The School Bell Rings-The Magnets
40.School Day's Ol' School Days-Chubby Checker
41.High School USA-Tommy Facenda
42.School Day-Chuck Berry
43.High School Confidential-Jerry Lee Lewis
44.Whatcha Doin' After School-Ferlin Husky
46.High School Romance-George Hamilton
47.Teen Age Romance-Rick Nelson
48.Schoolboy Romance-Danny & The Juniors
49.The Busy Buzz-Ken
50.Kissing On The Phone-Paul Anka
51.High School Nights-Dave Edmunds
52.Be True To Your School-The Beach Boys
53.Wisc/Mich March-Annette Funachello
54.French Heals-Debbie Raynolds
55.No Chami Please-Gary Granahan
56.High School Dance-Larry Williams
57.Teen Age Goodnight-The Chordettes
58.Where Can You Hide Away-Mark Dinning
59.The Drop Out-Mel Tillis
60.The Boy On Page 35-Kathy Carr
61.School Is Out-Gary (US) Bonds
62.Valley High-The Letermen
63.Farewell High School-The Gus Levine Singers
64.Graduation Day-The Beach Boys
65.Cap & Gown-Marty Robins
66.Your Graduation Means Goodby-The Cardigans
67.School Is Through-Paul & Paula
68.See You Next Year-The Cleftones
Outro:Move Over-Jimmy Write Orchestra.

Spotlight Show - Journey
August 31, 2017 08:07 PM PDT

Hellooo..Basementeers Everywhere..

Well the summer is coming to an end soon, but let's do a band that is now getting some new fams treating them like aLed Zep...or close..The Band is Journey. A band that was formed out of members from the group Santana. Journey was a harder rock band from the 70's, but they softened up there sound in the 80's, and became one of the biggest bands in the 80's. They have re-formed, broke up and tried to stay as a band, but not quite like they used to be, but we will play some trax from there earlier albums so any new fan of Journey will be able to hear what they sounded like in there prime years. So let's take a musical Journey with...Journey.....

Intro:When The Love Has Gone
1.To Play Some Music
2.Chain Reaction
4.Keep On Running
5.Can Do
6.La Raza Del Sol
7.Festival Dance
8.Where Were You
9.She Makes Me Feel Aright
10.Remember Me
11.The Parties Over
12.Raised On Radio
13.Just The Same Way
14.Of A Lifetime
15.Ask The Lonely
16.Someday Soon
18.Here We Are
19.Destiny (EDT.)
20.Wheel In The Sky
21.Separate Ways
22.On A Saturday Night
24.The Girl Can't Help It
25.Only The Young
26.Natural Thing
27.Lay It Down

Show Approx: 2 Hours

Little Red Basement
August 27, 2017 07:54 PM PDT


Hellooooo...Trieste, Italy & Stockton, California, and Basementeers everywhere.....

People like to different types of music, some want Punk, Country, 60's Psych, ect. I had a request to see if I could fill 2 hours of songs from the 50's. Well we did. I drugged up 42 songs from that period and it's a trip! Instead of just hearing the American Graffiti hits, we dug deeper into the 45's we have ready to put on our record platters and tatters.

Keen songs will be frombig smileale Hawkins / June Valli / Vince Taylor / Rusty York / Big Mama Thorton and Johnnie Ray as the Beaver......

So let's go back to a simpler time in music and give the 50's a time to shine one more time.

This was a request from one of the listeners Patrick Joseph...Thanks for the request.

Introtongueeter Gunn Theme-The Video All Stars
1.Little Red Rooster-Ronnie Hawkins
2.Flirty Girtie-The Jive-A-Tones
3.Hands Off-Frankie Castro
4.Mrs. Mergritorys Daughter-Dale Hawkins
5.The Wadda Do-The Turbans
6.Are You Going My Way-Fats Domino
7.Careful, Careful-Eileen Rogers
8.Baby Blue-Gene Vincent
9.Sugaree-Rusty York
10.Around And Around-Chuck Berry
11.Apple Cider-Doc Starks
12.One Way Ticket-Neil Sedaka
13.Fantasy-Les Paul & Mary Ford
14.What Do You Want-Adam Faith
15.Heavenly Angel-Patience & Prudence
16.Falling-Connie Francis
17.The Big Hurt-Toni Fisher
18.There Goes My Baby-Rick Nelson
19.Texas Tambourine-Johnnie Ray
20.Jenny Lee-Billy Ward & The Dominoes
21.No Chemise Please-Gerry Granahan
22.Hey You Face-The Crew Cuts
23.Beating On My Ding Dong-Jim Reeves
24.Don't Be A Bunny-Sugar & Spice
25.Fire Of Love-Jodi Reynolds
26.In The Beginning-The Innocents
27.Tell Me How-Buddy Holly
28.Rip It Up-Elvis Presley
29.Should I Ever Love Again-Rusty Draper
30.Brand New Cadillac-Vince Taylor
31.Lunch Hour-June Valli
32.Rocky Road Blues-Ronnie Self
33.Opportunity-Eddie Cochran
34.That's My Little Sue-Richie Vallens
35.The Walk-Jimmy McCracklin
36.I've Had It-The Bell Notes
37.Tell Him No-Travis & Bob
38.Hound Dog-Big Mama Thorton
39.Bazoom-The Cheers
40.Flip Top Box-Dickey Doo & The Don'ts
41.Don't You Know-Johhny Ace
42.Plaything-Nick Todd
Outro:Bust Out-The Busters

Time Approx:2 Hours
Original Airdate: August 26, 2013

Spotlight Show - PARLIAMENT
August 25, 2017 09:13 PM PDT


By Request...This was a very popular show in our early days of SFTB, so were letting it out again. It's the legendary funky sounds of PARLIAMENT.
So if you want to git down to the MOTHER SHIP CONNECTION, this is a show for you. Let's get on into the sounds of PARLIAMENT.

INTRO:Gamin' On Ya
1.Landing Of The Mothership
3.Crush It
4.Gittin' To Know Ya
5.The Motor Booty Affair
6.Color Me Funky (Uncle Jam)
7.Prelude/Gamin' On Ya
8.Chocolate City
9.One Of Those Funky Things
10.Body Language
11.Everybody Git Up On The Down Stroke
12.Bop Gun
13.Aqua Boogie
14.Placebo Syndrom
15.Theme From The Black Hole
16.Let's Play House
17.Mothership Connection
18.Wizzard Of Finance
19.Liquid Sunshine
20.Do That Stuff
22.Everythings On The One
23.Give Up The Funk
24.Party People
Outro:Night Of The Thumpasourus People

Don't Rain on my Basement!!
August 20, 2017 08:12 PM PDT


HEllooooo....Mesa, AZ / Feira De Santana - Bahia - Brazil, South America, and Basementeers all over..........................

Today we have a blast from our past, we are posting once again one of the first shows we ever did from 2013. Since it's still Summer up in the northern part of the world, we have 2 short shows in one. Hour 1 is songs about the Radio, and hour 2 is songs about Rain...yes Rain songs. This show was real just an experiment, almost erased, but we kept it and well...here it is again.

the bands and artists you will hear will be from: B.B. King / Tom Waits / Roger Waters / Rush / The Parade / John Hiatt and The Buggles as the Beaver....

So turn your radios on and grab an umbrella because it's raining music.....

HOUR 1 : Radio Songs............

1.Mr. D.J.-Aretha Franklin
2.Radio Heart-Gary Numan
3.Radio Song-The Parade
4.Radio Girl-John Hiatt
5.WKRP In CinCinnati-Steve Charlile
6.Country D.J.-Bill Anderson
7.Devil's radio-George Harrison
8.The Radio-Dr. Hook
9.Radio Waves-Roger Waters
10.Late Night Radio-John Denver
11.WOLD-Harry Chapin
12.Airwaves-Tom Dolby
13.Spirit Of Radio-Rush
14.Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles

HOUR 2: Rain Songs

1.Rain-The Beatles
2.I See The Rain-The Marmalade
3.I Can Hear The Rain-Bryan Hyland
4.Thunder And Lightning-Argent
5.Rainclouds-Paul McCartney
6.Raining In My Heart-B.B. King
7.Standing In The Rain-The James Gang
8.Rainmaker-Partridge Family
9.Diamonds On My Windshield-Tom Waits
10.Don't Go Out Into The Rain-Herman's Hermits
11.Rain-The Sunshine Company
12.Don't Rain On My Parade-Barbara Streisand
13.Elizabeth Rain-Rene Armand
14.Rhapsody In The Rain-Lou Christie
15.Hurricane-Y & T
16.You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain-The Turtles
17.Rainey Day-Classics 4
Outro:Caught In The Rain-Fleetwood Mac

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Between the Hammer and the Basement - Judas Priest
August 17, 2017 07:03 PM PDT

Today we are resurrecting an older show on Judas Priest. Yes we had requests for metal bands, so I forgot I did this show so early in our history, so why not play it once again for the new listeners to SFTB.

We will play trax from there albums available to us when we recorded the show, there's plenty of songs to play. So if your a new listener to them, you might like something from these guys. This show was originally aired back in 2014.

Intro: Caviart & Meths
1. Hot Rockin'
2. Hell Patrol
3. Starbreaker
4. Grinder
5. Heads Are Gonna Roll
6. Riding The Wind
7. Wheels Of Fire
8. United
9. Hell Bent For Leather
10. Rock-A-Rolla
11. Tyrant
12. Stained Glass
13. The Green Manalishi (Live)
14. I'm A Rocker
15. Don't Go
16. Between The Hammer & The Anvil
17. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
18. Sinner
19. One More For The Road
20. Revolution
21. Desert Planes
22. Johnny B. Goode
23. Evening Star
24. Savage
25. Take These Chains
Outro: Run Of The Mill

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Get Yourself A Basement
August 13, 2017 07:41 PM PDT

Hellooooo Henderson, Nevada & Brussels, Belgium...and basementeers everywhere..

Today same and rinse with more songs, as long as the world spins, so do our records....so here we go.
Today we will spin songs from: The Delphonics / Janis Joplin / Van Morrison / Crazy Horse / The Beatles / Them and Nico as the Beaver.....
So were ready to go are you ????

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1.Again and Again-Status Quo
2.Some Kind Of Summer-Trini Lopez
3.Electra-Phoebe Snow
4.By, By, By-The Guess Who
5.Break Your Promise-The Delphonics
6.Put Your Money Down-Christie
7.One Good Man-Janis Joplin
8.Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty-Ormar & The Howlers
9.Were Gonna Love Again-Sir Winston & The Commons
10.The Last Mile-Nico
11.Get Yourself On The Farm-Chuck Mangione
12.Mystic Eyes-Them
13.Shimmy Shake-The Beatles
14.Keep A Knocking-The Everly Brothers
15.Survival Of The Fittest-The Hollies
17.I'll Get By-Crazy Horse
18.Were Gonna Make It-Cher & Gregg Allman
20.Museum-Herman's Hermits
21.Tramp-Bachman, Turner Overdrive
22.It's A dream-Johnny Flamingo
23.Turn Her Down-Rita Pavone
24.I Love Being Here With You-Peggy Lee
25.I Can't It Anymore-Richie Havens
26.Pearl Of My Heart-Bob Arlin
27.Hungry For Your Love-Van Morrison
28.Right String But Wrong Yo-Yo-Elvin Bishop
29.Jump & hop-The Romancers
30.Sunny Days-Jackie De Shannon
31.Let Me Party With You-Bunny Sigler
32.So Glad To See You Here-Paul McCartney & Wings
33.Daylight-Hudson & Ford
34.Fleeoowee-The Calvanes
35.Ballad Of The Chrome Nun-Jefferson Airplane
Outro:Social Slavery-The Olivers

Time Approx:2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Jesse Winchester
August 10, 2017 09:03 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers Everywhere...

Today we have an artist that needs desperately some airplay, his music would be liked if people would hear him, His name is Jesse Winchester. If you were a hippie in the 70's, you would have known his music. But if you weren't, You'll know it anyway.

He should have had a few hits over these years, but oh well....We are playing his first 7 albums, we didn't have the last 7, but what we have is enough for a good show.

Intro:Lullaby For The First Born
2.High Ball
3.Sure Enough
4.Isn't That So
5.Wake Me
6.Everybody Knows But Me
7.Say What
8.Rosy Shy
9.Full Moon
10.The End Is Not In Sight
12.Let The Rough Side Drag
13.Yankee Lady
15.How Far To The Horizon
16.Gilding The Lily
17.Third Rate Romance
18.Step By Step
19.Silly Heart
21.Talk Memphis
22.Rumba Man
Outro:It Takes More Then A Hammer

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