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Valentines Day Show - Hard Times For Young Basements
February 11, 2018 08:52 PM PST
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Hellooo, Long Beach, CA & Lancashire, England...and Basementeers everywhere..

This is our Valentines Day show, we aired this originally back in 2014, but this was one of the early lost shows, so it's coming out of retirement.
Well if your in love your not going to like this episode..we kind of turned VD Day on it's head...it's break-up songs....yes for craps and giggles we did this for this show. But it's all in good fun and yes most radio shows will be playing lovey-dovey sappy love songs anyway, so will do the opposite of that.

Stuff you will hear on this episode will be from: Bobby Desoto / Johnny Paycheck / The Facts Of Life / Z.Z. Hill / The Hollies / Johnny Fortune and Eddie Hodges as the Beaver....

So have a special someone you want to break up with ??..well you came to the right place.....

P.S. You can make up after the show...

Intro: Please Sunrise Please-Young, Holt Unlimited
1. Hard Times For Young Lovers-Eddie Hodges
2. I Can Do That-Tommy & Wanda Collins
3. Don't You Lie To Me-Johnny Fortune
4. Words Aren't Enough To Keep Me Happy Anymore-Bonnie Ferguson
5. Times Have Changed-Irma Thomas
6. Trying To Slip Away-Lloyd Price
7. What's The Use Of Breaking Up-Jerry Butler
8. Without Your Love-Charlie Ross
9. When The Lights Turned On-The Hollies
10. One Light, Two Lights-The Satisfactions
11. Who's Making Love-Johnny Taylor
12. Walk On By-Leroy Van Dyke
13. Cheating In The Next Room-Z.Z. Hill
14. Me & Mrs. Jones-The Dreamatics
15. Stop Sneaking Around-Brenda & The Tabulations
16. The Cheater-Bobby De Soto
17. I'm Running Around-Winfenifee
18. The Love A Woman Should Give A Man-Patti Drew
19. Hertz Rent A Chick-Lonzo & Oscar
20. Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey-Johnny Paycheck
21. The Spoiler-Eddie Purrell
22. Caught In The Act-The Facts Of Life
23. Dear Ralph-Audrey Meadows
24. You Broke My Heart At Walgreens-Ruby Wright
25. I Was Married-Billy Paul
26. Late Last Night-Paul Anka
27. She Ain't Loving You-The Distant Cousins
28. It's All Over Paula-Paul From Paula
29. Down To My Last Teardrop-Tanya Tucker
30. I Cried My Last Tear-Ernie K. Doe
31. There Wont Be Anymore-Charlie Rich
32. Dirty Man-Laura Lee
33. Rip Off-Laura Lee
34. Picture Me Gone-Madeline Bell
35. Single Girl Again-Molly Bee
36. She's Everything She Doesn't Want To Be-Larry Weiss
37. Going To The River-Tony Romance
38. Cheshire Lane-Lee Silverton
Outro: Cleo's Mood-Jr. Walker & The All Stars

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Backstreet Crawler
February 09, 2018 06:48 PM PST
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Hellooo Basementeers....

On this episode on SFTB we have another great forgotten band called: Backstreet Crawler. The Leader was from the Group FREE Paul Kossoff.

This group was more of a blues/rock group but no hits, but 4 strong albums. So were going to play some trax from the 4 albums.

So if your a record collector, you can find these records at your local used record store..there easy to find and well worth having them.

Intro: The Band Played On
1. Sail On
2. Without You
3. Who Do Woman
4. Raging River
5. Where Is The Money
6. Stone Cold Sober
7. Survivor
8. Stop Doing What You Doing
9. Midnight Blues
10. You Got Money
11. Stealing My Way
12. One Way Street
13. Sweet, Sweet Beauty
Outro: Stone Cold Sober

Time Approx: 60 Minutes

Stand Up For Your Basement
February 04, 2018 09:55 PM PST

Heloooo Colorado Springs, Co. / Sapporo City, Japan and Basementeers all over.

Well here is a show I recorded back in 2015 but I don't think I ever posted this one....so I think this is an unreleased show...so far. So here it is finally.

The songs from the show will be from: Tom Paxton / Santana / Janis Ian / Jeff Lynn / Scorpions / Deep Purple and Humble Pie as the Beaver....

So let's hear the sounds of the basement...

Intro:Chicken Delight Twist
1.More Of That Jazz-Queen
2.Manuela Run-Queen
3.Tittles-Barklay James Harvest
4.One Of A Kind-Stevie Wonder
5.Atitute Dancing-Carly Simon
6.Bastille Day-Rush (Live)
7.Gone Dead Train-Randy Newman
8.Without Love-Aretha Franklin
9.Crazy John-Tom Paxton
10.Stand Up For Your Rights-Gary Wright
11.What Would It Take-Jeff Lynn
12.It's Like You Never Left-Dave Mason
13.Love Is Surrender-Carpenters
14.Jon The Genorator-Maria Muldaur
15.Breaking Out-Santana
16.Love On A Sunday Morning-Scorpions
17.No Bread Blues-Tasty Bread Singers
18.Please, Please Me-The Bearcuts
19.White Lies, Blue Eyes-The Lettermen
20.The Man You Are In Me-Janis Ian
21.Golden Slumbers-George Benson
22.Get Well Soon-Godley & Creme
23.Maragesh Express-Enoch Light
24.Hot Streets-Chicago
25.More Then You'll Ever Know-James Stayton
26.One More Rainy Day-Deep Purple
27.Honky Tonk Woman-Humble Pie
28.Most Anything You Want-Iron Butterfly
29.New York Connection-Tom Scott
30.Knock On Wood-American Breed
Outro:Flight For Life-Jean Luc Ponty

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Carolyne Mas
February 02, 2018 05:30 PM PST
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Hello Basementeers everywehere....

This show of SFTB is a unique one, and the lady were about to play is kind of a mystery...Therese not much info on Carolyne Mas but this lady, boy can she rock !! She only had 3 albums but we picked some goodies from them.

Her albums spanned from 1979 to 1981. Well ok now we want to know what you think....should we pressure her old record company (Mercury Records) to put them back into print ??.....

Intro: Little Baby Of Mine
1. Stilsane
2. Hold On
3. It's Important
4. Snow
5. All For You
6. Signal For Help
7. Do You Believe I Love You
8. Stay Tuned
9. Love Like Stone
10. Baby Please
11. Remember The Night
12. Dirty Lying
13. It's No Secret
Outro: Thomas Dunson's Revenge

Time Approx : 60 Min.

Basement Beautiful
January 29, 2018 06:28 PM PST

Helooo Cleveland, Ohio / Shenzhen, China...and Basementeers all over the planet.........

This show was on before in 2016 but it bears a repeat. There are some rockin' songs in this show I wanted to play it again....SAM....

Songs in this show will be from: Montrose / John Lennon / Queen / Joey Molland / The Monkees / Billy Joel and Christie as the Beaver.....

Ok the records are waiting and you are waiting....let's get to it.......

Intro:A Tab In The Ocean-Nektar
1.Down The Mississippi Line-Christie
2.Trinity-Fleetwood Mac
3.Dark Hair-The Morning Sun
4.Too Late To Cry-Joey Molland
5.Automatic-Off Broadway usa
6.Turn It Lose-The Doobie Brothers
7.Wild Honey-The Beach Boys
8.Hang Onto Your Life-The Guess Who
9.Nobody Told-John Lennon
10.Stop, Look and Listen-Patti Drew
11.Boss Beat-Sandy Nelson
13.Kiss This World Goodby-MTUME
14.Rock Is My Life-B.T.O.
15.So Long-Firefall
16.Leave A Tender Moment Alone-Billy Joel
17.Sign Of The Times-The Belle Stars
18.Love And Mercy-Brian Wilson
19.Do You Feel It Too-The Monkees
20.Love Of My Life-Queen (Live)
22.Morning Beautiful-Tony Orlando
23.Ellana-The Mark Tanner Band
24.Evil-Earth, Wind & Fire
25.Forget About Me-P.K. Limited
26.Dream Lover-Marshall Tucker Band
27.I Don't Wanna Want Ya-Prism
28.Goodby-Northern Song
29.Sunlight-Jesse Colin Young (Live)
30.See The Bedroom-Blue Magic
31.Something Very Special-Gordon Lightfoot
Outrobig smileevil Woman-David Hentschel

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - The Flamin' Groovies
January 26, 2018 08:51 PM PST
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Hi Basmenteers everywhere......

Today we have a group people may have heard about, but not heard there music, there the Flamin' Groovies.
They were an interesting group that can form, break up and regroup and re-invent themselves and keep up the same energy as before. A band that was more less a blues rock band in the early 70's then by the later 70's a new wave/punk band.

They even surprised me that they were great either way, but a bit puzzled why they didn't have a hit or two along the way. So you get to hear some of there songs and see if you will like their stuff as we ramble through there albums of the Flamin' Groovies.

Intro: Good Laugh Mun
1. Jumpin' Into The Night
2. Keep A Knockin'
3. I Can't Hide
4. There's A Place
5. High Flying Baby
6. This One's On Me
7. It Wont Be Wrong
8. Heading For The Texas Border
9. Shake Some Action
10. Paint It Black
11. Have You Seen My Baby
12. Next One Crying
13. Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu
14. Please, Please Me
15. Take Me Back
16. In The USA
Outro: Between The Lines

Time Approx : 60 Minutes

Ride Into The Basement
January 21, 2018 05:23 PM PST

Helloooo, Buffalo, New York / Bogota, Columbia, South America...and Basementeers all the world.....

Well Yes a start of another week here and we have yet another stack of wax to spin down on the turntables once again.

Today you'll be hearing song from: Hawkwind / The Sweet / Manfred Man / Kenny Loggins / Def Leppard / Frigid Pink and Sony & Cher as the Beaver...

So strap yourselves in here we go trippin' 'round the record players.

Intro:Hey-Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1.Angry Blues-James Taylor
2.At Midnight-Rufus
3.Midnight Woman-Peter, Paul & Marty
4.Next In Line-Johnny Cash
5.I'm Moving On-Ray Charles
6.The Lonely One-Duane Eddy
7.I'll Always Be In Love With You-Fats Domino
8.Say It One More Time-Clarence Carter
9.Drivin' Blues-Frigid Pink
10.Rainbows Bent-The Association
11.Shine On Ruby Mountain-The Hondells
12.Do Your Dance-Rose Royce
13.Downtown-The Babys
14.Inside, Outside-Pablo Cruise
15.Ain't That A Lot Of Love-The Band
16.I'm Not Losing Sleep-David Bowie
17.Ride Into The Sun-Def Leppard
18.Hurry On Sundown-Hawkwind
19.Freedom-Chip Ford & Donna Theodore
20.Viens-Dimache-Enrico Macias (French)
21.Hong Kong Money-Dr. Feelgood
22.Nobody's Rose-The Hotten Tots
23.Comment-Les McCann
24.Turn It Down-The Sweet
25.Bull Dog-The Shangrilas
26.You Don't Love Me-Sony & Cher
27.Untie Me-Manfred Mann
28.You Made Me Love You-Vanity Fare
29.A Surfers Dream-Jan & Dean
30.I've Got The Melody (Deep In My Heart)-Kenny Loggins
31.One More Mile-The Butterfield Blues Band
32.Lover Boy Supreme-Dion
Outro: Checkered Flag-The Winners

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Paris / Ironhorse
January 18, 2018 07:45 PM PST

Helooo Basementeers.....

We have 2 short groups for you in one show, The bands are PARIS and IRONHORSE. The reason were putting 2 groups in one show is because, both bands only made 2 albums. The first group will feature will be PARIS. Bob Welch formed this band after leaving Fleetwood Mac in 1975. They had 2 albums that came out in 1975.

The second group is Ironhorse. This was Randy Bachmans band after he left Bachman, Turner Overdrive.

So were going to play selected trax from there lp's.

1.Black Book
2.Blue Robin
4.New Orleans
5.Beautiful Youth
6.Heart Of Stone

1.Playing The Same Old Song
2.Sweet Lui Louise
3.Railroad Love
5.Somewhere Sometime
6.Old Fashioned
7.Try A Little Harder
Outro:You Gotta Let Go

Time Approx : 60 Minutes

Space Songs
January 14, 2018 09:49 PM PST

Hellooo Titusville, FL, & Helsinki, Finland...and Basementeers all over.
For the people who work at NASA or anyone who has an intrest in Space...we made a show for you, we came up with some nutty songs about space and ect.

Songs will include from: Journey / Steve Miller Band / ELO / George Thorogood / Trooper and Vik Veanus as the Beaver......

So let's take off into the stratosphere........We will have another space show soon, when we can find it lol...soon....

Intro:Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars
1.Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth-Donovan
2.Mr. Blue Sky-ELO
3.In The Nightime-George Thorogood
4.Darkness, Darkness - Mott The Hoople
5.Deeper Then The Night-Olivia Newton John
6.Star Trek Theme
8.Space Cowboy-Steve Miller Band
9.Fireball XL-5 Theme
10.Space Station # 5-Montrose
11.Moonflight-Vik Veanus
12.Luna Trip-Dicky Goodman
13.Flying Saucer-Buchanan & Goodman
14.Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars
15.Walk To The Moon-Freddy Cannon
16.Fly Me To The Moon-Frank Sinatra
17.Moontalk-Tommy Roe
18.Live From The Moon-Trooper
19.Hey Moon Men-Hilde Somer
20.The Man Who Found God On The Moon-Mike McGear
21.Moonlight-Dennis Wilson
22.Moon Love-Nat King Cole
23.Moondreams-Denny Laine
Outro: Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars

Time Approx: 90 Min.

Spotlight Show - STARZ
January 12, 2018 09:59 AM PST

Hellooo Basementeers.....

On this episode of SFTB we have a very under-rated rock group that should have shot to the top of the hard rock charts and been rock legends. There called ....S T A R Z.....

At first the members of Starz plyed in the group (The Looking Glass), then formed a new group called The Falling Angels, then after a year of that, they were Starz.

So we have a good chunk of there songs from there lp's and now you can hear there music and history.

Intro: Colosseum Rock
1. Cherry Baby
2. Hold On To The Night
3. Highway To Hollywood-The Looking Glass
4. The Kid Gets Hot-The Falling Angels
5. So Young, So Bad
6. Boys In Action
7. It's A Riot
8. Don't It Make You Feel Good-Looking Glass
9. Sing It, Shout It
10. Last Night I Wrote A Letter
11. Just Like Romeo And Juliet-The Fallen Angels
12. Subway Terror
13. Anyway You Want It
14. Tear It Down
15. Texas
16. Jimmy Loves Mary Ann-The Looking Glass
17. Violation
18. Where Will It End
19. Ride It Till The End Of The Line-The Falling Angels
20. Waiting On You
21. Night Crawler
22. Jenny Lynn-The Looking Glass
23. Don't Think
24. Rainbow Man-The Looking Glass
25. My Sweet Child
26. Virginia Day's Ragtime Memories-The Looking Glass
27. Monkey Business
Outro: Johnny All Alone

Time approx: 2 Hours

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