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Spotlight Show - STARZ
January 12, 2018 09:59 AM PST

Hellooo Basementeers.....

On this episode of SFTB we have a very under-rated rock group that should have shot to the top of the hard rock charts and been rock legends. There called ....S T A R Z.....

At first the members of Starz plyed in the group (The Looking Glass), then formed a new group called The Falling Angels, then after a year of that, they were Starz.

So we have a good chunk of there songs from there lp's and now you can hear there music and history.

Intro: Colosseum Rock
1. Cherry Baby
2. Hold On To The Night
3. Highway To Hollywood-The Looking Glass
4. The Kid Gets Hot-The Falling Angels
5. So Young, So Bad
6. Boys In Action
7. It's A Riot
8. Don't It Make You Feel Good-Looking Glass
9. Sing It, Shout It
10. Last Night I Wrote A Letter
11. Just Like Romeo And Juliet-The Fallen Angels
12. Subway Terror
13. Anyway You Want It
14. Tear It Down
15. Texas
16. Jimmy Loves Mary Ann-The Looking Glass
17. Violation
18. Where Will It End
19. Ride It Till The End Of The Line-The Falling Angels
20. Waiting On You
21. Night Crawler
22. Jenny Lynn-The Looking Glass
23. Don't Think
24. Rainbow Man-The Looking Glass
25. My Sweet Child
26. Virginia Day's Ragtime Memories-The Looking Glass
27. Monkey Business
Outro: Johnny All Alone

Time approx: 2 Hours

TV Themes # 2
January 07, 2018 08:38 PM PST

Hellooo Tampa Fl / Hamilton, Ont, Canada...

Yes It's a new year 2018 and why not start with something fun... We have another show on TV Themes. You will remember something from here. Not many people have done shows like this, but this show was a gem to pull together, and yes we will do this again in the future....but on this show you will hear TV themes like: Josie & The Pussycats / Bob Newhart Show / Cheers / Fat Albert/ Medical Center / Big Blue Marble and Fantasy Island much more......
So be close to your TV but don't turn it on we've done that for you....

Introtongueeter Gunn Theme-Video All Stars
Set 1
1.ABC's Wide World Of Sports
2.Simon & Simon
3.Medical Center
4.The Archies
5.WKRP In Cincinnati
Set 2
1.Scooby Doo
2.Dark Shadows
3.Fat Albert
4.Yogi Bear
5.Yogi Bear - Robert Aquayo
Set 3
1.Josie & The Pussycats
2.The Young & The Restless
4.Skippy The Bush Kangaroo
5.Welcome Back-John Sebastian
Set 4
2.Sledge Hammer
3.Where The Action Is
4.Patty Duke
5.Patty Duke-Robert Aquayo
Set 5
1.Walt Disney World Of Color
2.Bob Newhart Show (70's)
3.Wonder Woman
4.Saved By The Bell
5.Friends-Johnny Whitaker
Set 6
1.The New Zoo Review
2.Getting Together-Bobby Sherman
3.Big Blue Marble
4.Harlem Globetrotters
5.Evolution Revolution-Lancelot Link
Set 7
1.The 6 Million Dollar Man
3.The Newlywed Game
4.Police Story
5.Avengers Theme-Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
Set 8
1.The Carol Burnett Show
3.The Girl From UNCLE
4.Lost In Space
5.Tonight Show Theme-Doc Severinsen
Set 9
1.Night Gallery
2.Life & Times Of Grizzly Adams
3.Judd For The Defense
5.Shindig-The Shindiggers
Set 10
2.Ren & Stimpy
3.Space Ghost Coast To Coast
4.Murphy Brown
5.Open Up Your Heart-Pebbles & Bam-Bam
Set 11
1.Growing Pains-B.J. Thomas Jennifer Warnes
2.Silver Spoons
3.Family Ties-Johnny Mathis
4.Matt Huston
5.Swatt Theme-Rhythm Heritage
Set 12
1.B.J. And The Bear
3.Trapper John M.D.
4.Baa Baa Black Sheep
5.Baretta's Theme-Sammy Davis Jr.
Set 13
1.James At 15
2.Eight Is Enough
3.Fantasy Island
4.The Paper Chase
5.Happy Days-Pratt And McClain
Set 14
1.The Price Is Right
2.Family Feud
3.Siskel And Ebert
4.The Young Ones
5.Sesame Street-The Kids
Set 15
1.The Secret, Secret Squirrel
2.Cool McCool
3.Super Chicken
4.Lost In Space
5.The Rockford Files-Mike Post

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Roadmaster
January 06, 2018 03:44 PM PST

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere....

On this version of the Spotlight series, we have an under rated 70's band called Roadmaster. They were from Indianapolis, Indiana and they could stand up to any of the bands coming out of the later 70's. They had the commercial touch, had the hard rock edge and a record label, but just could not get past the (Pay Your Dues) part of the music biz. While they were out there, they left behind 4 great albums that were going to play trax from.
Hope you finf this show worth while.

1.Hey World
2.New York, New York
3.This Magic Feeling
4.It Doesn't Mean A Thing
5.Us Coming Back
6.You Come See Me
7.Another Ones Running
9.I'll Be Loving You
10.Say You Want To Be With Me
11.I Didn't Notice
12.Love Me Baby
13.Higher & Higher
14.Too Long, Too Long
15.I Still Want To Love You
16.My Eyes Have Been Opened
17.It's Been So Long
18.Sweet Music

Time Approx: 90 Minutes

Basement Rampage
January 01, 2018 08:07 PM PST

Hellooo, San Jose, CA & Guatemala City, Guatemala.... and Basenteers all over.......

This is a Basement Replay....

Since this is still the Holiday season and the festivities are still going on this week, We will continue to play a golden moldie from the past from 2014. It was a great show I thought... but for the people who did not hear this the first time, it's a new show to you.

We will play trax from: The Tubes / Grateful Dead / The Orlons / Gary Walker and the Rain / The Kinks / Stephen Stills and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver....for real....

Well let's go back in the way back machine pull the lever Sherman....

1.Glad You Could Come Along-Clive Sarstedt
2.There's A Party Going On-Max Frost & The Troopers
3.Rocket-Joe Bennett & the Sparkle Tones
4.Can't Get Enough Of You Baby-? & the Mysterians
5.Skate Now-Lou Courtney
6.This Time Tomorrow-The Kinks
7.I Got The Same Old Blues-J.J. Cale
8.First Things First-Stephen Stills
9.Kalimba Story-Earth, Wind & Fire
10.Take A Look-Gary Walker & the Rain
11.Let Me Make Love To You-Flo & Eddie
12.Teenage Rampage-The Sweet
13.Jumping Jack Flash-Johnny Winter
14.No Not Again-The Tubes
15.She's Gone-America
16.Come On Down-The Orlons
17.San Fernando-Hoyt Axton
18.But Your Mine-Sonny & Cher
19.Bony Marony-Richie Vallens
20.Gee Oh Gee-The Premeers
21.Dark Side Of The World-Diana Ross
22.Passenger-The Grateful Dead
23.The Heartbreak Kid-Bo Donaldson & the Haywoods
24.Our Love's Gonna Snowball-Jackie & Gayle
25.Girl-Jay & the Americans
26.Wind Up Toy-Jerry Mathers (The Beaver)
27.The Narrow Way (Part 3)-Pink Floyd
28.What Your Doing-The Beatles
29.Come 'Round Here-The Miracles
30.Leave Me-The Hollies
31.A Mess Of Blues-Elvis Presley
32.Bless You-Tony Orlando
33.Don't Run And Hide-The Everly Brothers
Outro:Beach Hound-The Cornells

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Special Spotlight Show - KLAATU IS KLAATU
December 30, 2017 09:53 PM PST

Hi Basementeers......

This is a very special SFTB show.
I actually have a musical story for all of you, pretend it's my musical bedtime story.
I tell the tail of a Canadian group called: KLAATU. In 1976 they were rumored to be The Beatles in disguise but they were really not, but I go through some comparisons of some of there songs to The Beatles ect. So this is not a regular SFTB show but interesting anyway...If you tune into the KLAATU show, listen to this one as well it will all make sense in the end.

Well that's my intro to this show on the story of ....KLAATU....N'Joy....

NOTE: No records were harmed in the making of this program.......

Spotlight Show - KLAATU
December 30, 2017 09:43 PM PST

Helloooo Basementeers all over the globe and elsewhere......

Since it's the end of the year we thougfht we would bring you back to a strange spotlight show we did in 2016 from a group from Canada, that people thought that they were The Beatles in disguise. At one point there were rumors that The Beatles were secretly going under a new name and recorded a new lp in 1976 , well that band is KLAATU. There are similarities between The Beatles and KLAATU, but nope 2 different band s all together really. So for the people who missed out on hearing this band were going to play trax from there albums for you once more.

PLUS.............I will have another companion show along posted with this KLAATU show about a small story I made about this band that have music comparisons to each band (Beatles-KLAATU)...so hear this show and listen to the other show posted with this one too, we think you will like this whole concept.

Intro : Long Live Politzana
1. Calling Occupence
2. Hot Box City
3. Older
4. The Love Of A Woman
5. True Life Hero
6. Around The Universe In 80 Days
7. Blue Smoke
8. Sell Out, Sell Out
9. Madman
10. Juicy Lucy
11. Sub Rosa Subway
12. At The End Of A Rainbow
13. Paranoya
14. A Routine Day
15. Were Off You Know
16. Doctor Marvello
17. Mrs. Toads Cookies
18. Perceptual Motion Machine
19. Knee Deep In Love
20. The Loneliest Of Creatures
21. Everybody Took A Holiday
22. California Jam
23. Dear Christine
24. Little Nutrino
25. I Don't Want To Go Home
26. All Good Things Must End
Outro: Prelude

Time Approx: 2 Hrs.

The New Years Show
December 30, 2017 08:54 PM PST

Helloooo Basementeers all over the world

You can't hide from a new year and what it all brings. Well we made a new years show with party music and everything musical a new year show like this should have. So no matter where you live on the planet HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU !!!!!

Intro:Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo
1.1492-Betty Johnson
2.Another Year-Ian Gomm
3.1963-Bobby Vee
4.What's Another Year-Johhny Logan
5.Early 1970-Ringo Starr
6.A Couple More Years-Dr. Hook
7.Back In '72-Bob Seger
8.20 Years Ago-T.C. Atlantic
9.Sons Of 1984-Todd Rundgren
10.1982-Randy Travis
11.1993-Boz Scaggs
12.Year Of The Cat-Arnie Fogel-(The Arctic Enterprise)
-The New Years Segment-
14.Countdown....Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo
15.It's Just Another New Years Eve-Barry Manilow
16.New Years Eve-U2
17.Everybody Rejoice-Diamond Head
-Party Time-
18.Party-Elvis Presley
19.Rockabilly Party-Hugo & Luigi
20.Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight-Easybeats
21.Party Lights-Claudine Clark
22.Party Girl-Dick Roman
23.Party Girl-Tommy Roe
24.Up In Heah-Junior Wells
25.Party '66-The G-Cleffs
26.In The Basement-Etta James
27.Soul Finger-The Bar Kays
28.Play The Music Tornados-TSU Tornados
29.Skinny Legs And All-Joe Tex
30.SoUl Time-The Packers
31.Ruby's House Party-Ruby & The Party Gang
32.Believe In Me-Jessy James
33.Craker Jack-Mickey and his Mice
34.Bring Up The Guitar-The Dapps & Alfred Ellis
35.Teen Aged House Party-Sandy Nelson
36.The Baldy Stomp-The Deacons
37.Farmer John-The Idle Few
38.The Slide-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
39.The Grind-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
40.Straight Jacket-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
41.Here Comes My Baby-The Tremolos
42.Do Something To Me-Tommy James & The Shondells
43.My Baby Comes To Me-The Chicago Loop
44.New Years Party-George Thorogood
45.Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo

Time Approx 2:25 hrs.

You See The Trouble In My Basement
December 25, 2017 07:45 PM PST

This Is A Basement Replay....

Hellooo Basemnteers all over the world..
Since the Basement is sort of on Vacation and taking a week off to get ready for the new year, we will play a show that was posted back in 2014, yes an oldie but a goodie.

On this show we will be spinning songs from: The Beach Boys / Queen / Roxy Music / The Monkees / The Velvet Underground / Redwing / Humble Pie and Neil Diamond as the Beaver...

Sop for the people who didn't hear the show the first time it's all new to you. Let's roll....

1.Worry-Blodwin Pig
2.Prima Donna-Uriah Heep
3.Wait-J. Giels Band
4.Chevrolet-Z.Z. Top
5.Little Jack-The Velvet Underground
6.Automatic Heartbreak-Brownsville Station
7.Sorry Me, Sorry You-Jefferson Starship
8.Catch The Man On The Rise-Sir Douglas Quintet
9.99 Pounds-The Monkees
10.Come On Home-The Buckinghams
11.Come On In-The Association
12.Speak To Me-Frank Wilson
13.Mystery Roach-Frank Zappa
14.I Wont Believe You Again-The Romeos
15.Make One Wanna Dance-Fotomaker
16.You See The Trouble With Me-Barry White
17.Do The Strand-Roxy Music
18.Custom Machine-The Beach Boys
19.Please Doctor Please-Redwing
20.One Eyed Trouser Snake Rumble-Humble Pie
21.Ride The Music-The Ides Of March
22.Cold Turkey, Tenn. - Atlanta Rhythm Section
23.I Wanna Rock & Roll All Night-Sidney Jordan
24.Was It All Worth It-Queen
25.Crunchy Granola Suite-Neil Diamond
26.Vambo-The Alex Harvey Band
27.Remember The Rain-Bob Lind
28.If I Were The Man-Jimmy Rogers
Outro:After The Dance-Marvin Gaye

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Cold, Cold Basement
December 25, 2017 07:25 PM PST

This is a frosty replay...

Helllooo Frost bittin' Basementeers and even un-frosted Basementeers all over the world
Well Christmas is over but the winter is upon us and well some people like to be outside ..tes even in wether like this...YUK !!...for the people who like to stay close to the internet, we have a frosty show for you...Winter songs, yeah not many shows like this one. We have songs about Winter, Ice Snow, Skiing ect.
So for the outdoors person in you you all might like this one.

We will play songs from: Jethro Tull / The Blazzers / AC-DC / Poco / Badfinger / Trooper / The Everly Brothers and Foghat as the Beaver.

So put on a warm coat and sit near the fireplace and tune in to our musical presentaion of....Winter songs.

Intro:Ice Run-Rick Wakeman
1.It's Cols Outside-The Choir
2.Cold, Cold, Toronto-Trooper
3.Long Misty Days-Robin Trower
4.Winter Time-Steve Miller Band
5.Winter Song-Angel
6.Winter Time-Bill Whithers
7.Winter Song-The Blazzers
8.It's Now Winters Day-Tommy Roe
9.Think Snow-Northern Light
10.Drifting, Vistling Snow-Slim Jim
11.Suzi Snowflake-Kenny & Korky
12.Snowball-Faron Young
14.Trip, Stumble & Fall-Mamas & The Papas
15.June Is As Cold As December-The Everly Brothers
16.Snowflakes And Teardrops-The Angels
17.I Wish You Could Be Here-The Cyrkle
18.On A Night Like This-Bob Dylan
19.Inside-Jethro Tull
23.Ski Trails-The Blazzers
24.Ski Doin'-The Second Thought
25.Shell Be Skiing Around The Mountain-The Blazzers
26.Ski Bum-Jud Strunk
27.It Happened In Sun Valley-The Blazzers
29.Skating Away On Thin Ice-Jethro Tull
30.Go For A Goal-The North Stars Hockey Team Theme Song
31.1-2-3-And I Fell-Tommy James & The Shondells
32.Slipped, Tripped And I Fell In Love-Foghat
Outro:Go For A Goal-The Northdtars Theme (Inst)....

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Uriah Heep
December 21, 2017 10:48 PM PST

This is a Basement Replay.....

Hellooo Basementeers, Yes it's time to take a small breather and do a look back on some of the older shows that maybe some of the newer listeners have not heard yet.

We have our URIAH HEEP show to play and got great response when it first aired in 2016, so one more time, here is the music of Uriah Heep.
Actually I put a lot of effort into this show, there was lots of sources I needed to get just to have the music for the show it took almost a year to get it together, so it's worth a second play.

Intro:July Morning
2.What Can I Do
4.Rich Kid
5.Prima Donna
6.Backstreet Girl
7.I'm Alive
8.Book Of Lies
9.Free And Easy
10.All For One
11.Time To Live
12.I'm Ready
13.Seven Stairs
14.Hot Night In A Cold Town
15.Blind Eye
16.Straight Through The Heart
17.Been Gone Too Long
18.Think It Over
19.I Wanna Be Free
20.Sweet Pretender
21.The Wizzard
22.Time Of Revolution
23.One Way Or Another
24.Red Lights
25.That's The Way That It Is
26.Into The Wind
27.Who Needs Me
28.I Hear Voices
29.Something For Nothing
31.Walking In Your Shadow
32.Tears In My Eyes
33.Cheat & Lie
34.High Priestes
35.Easy Livin'
Outro:July Morning

Time approx: 2:30 Two Hours and Thirty Minutes.

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