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Songs Past There Prime # 3
November 05, 2017 07:42 PM PST

Hellooooo...Houston, TX / Warsaw, Poland...Ans Basementeers everywhere....

Well this is the last episode of a series we did this fall called: SONGS PAST THERE PRIME... so here it is...if people want to hear these shows again, we can always re-run them later, but on this episode, we will play songs from : Del Shannon / 10 Years After / Boston / Doobie Brothers / Spirit / Jefferson Starship / The 4 Seasons with The Beach Boys and The Buckinghams as the Beaver...So were ready ...are U ???

Intro:Meat-Manfred Mann's Earth Band
1.Best That I Can Do-The Buckinghams
2.24 Hours In Dejavu-Quicksilver Messenger Service
3.See The Light-Jefferson Starship
4.East Meets West-The 4 Seasons & The Beach Boys
5.Under Suspicion-Vanilla Fudge
6.Bangin' My Heart-The American Breed
7.Give Me A Chance-Supertramp
8.One Good Woman-Gary Lewis
9.Love Got Away-Boston
10.The Doctor-The Doobie Brothers
11.The Preacher-Kansas
12.Last Saturday Night-George Harrison
13.Somebody's Coming-Little Richard
14.It Ain't Right-Gary Wright
15.Man In The Glass-Dion
16.Let's Love-Paul McCartney
17.Walk Away-Del Shannon
18.Wild One-Bobby Rydell
19.Wild Is The River-10 Years After
20.Put Some Rhythm To It-Emmit Rhodes
21.Hard Love-Spirit
22.Through The Storm-Aretha Franklin & Elton John
23.It's Only Make Believe-Lou Chrstie & Leslie Gore
24.Veronica-The 4 Seasons
25.60's Band-The Standells
26.Shooting Star-The Mamas & The Papas
Outro:Telegraph Road-Dire Straits

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - ACE
November 02, 2017 10:30 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere....

Today we have a group that did not have many albums, but for the 3 lp's they made, they had 1 huge hit in early 1975 (How Long)..some people might remember that song. Well we decided to spend an hour of your time playing trax from these 3 lp's and see if you would like any of the trax we spun on the turntables here.

We don't think anybody has done a show on ACE yet, so we may have been the first to do something like this. So for a new generation of listeners, we present the music of ...ACE...

Intro:Gleaming In The Gloom
2.Found Out The Hard Way
3.You Can't Lose
4.The Real Feeling
5.Let's Hang On
6.Ain't Gonna Stand For This Anymore
7.Time Ain't Long
8.I Think It's Gonna Last
9.How Long
10.I'm Not Taking It Out On You
11.Sniffing About
12.Rock & Roll Singer
13.Message To You
Outro:24 Hours

Time Approx: 60 minutes

When You Find A Basement
October 30, 2017 10:25 PM PDT

Helloooo...Tulsa, Ok / Dudley, England....And Basementeers all over the planet.

Well we almost missed our mark, but when computers act up, were at the mercy of when they want to behave, so were here....We have a great show with some good stuff to play...

The wax will be from people like: B.B. King / The Road Apples / Patty Duke / James Brown / Waylon Jennings / The Robbs / Fats Domino and Merv Griffin as the Beaver....

So as we say every week.....awh what the hork..let's just get to it....

NOTE: When this was recorded, Fats Domino was still alive so I may have said something about him being alive still..oh well...
Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1.Night Time-The Strangeloves
2.Almost There-The Turtles
3.Talk It Over In The Morning-Anne Murray
4.When You Find A Fool-Bill Coday
5.Evil Ways-Johnny Mathis
6.Superbird-Neil Sedaka
7.Say Something Funny-Patty Duke
8.The Proud One-Frankie Valli
9.Love Theme To-Phaedra
11.Why Doncha-West, Bruce & Laing
12.Tell Me This Is A Dream-The Delphonics
13.National City-The Joiner, Arkansas Jr. High Band
14.26 Second Song-Shel Silverstein
15.Let The King Come In-Rev. Cleophus Robinson
16.Fire & Water-Wilson Pickett
17.Here I Am Losing You-Keith Barbour
18.The Loving Things-Bobby Rydell
19.Bittersweet-The Robbs
20.Let's Live Together-The Road Apples
21.Just A Little Bit-Rosco Gordon
22.What You Don't Know-Hank Williams Jr.
23.Talking Loud & Saying Nothing-James Brown
24.Wait For Me Baby-The New Vaudeville Band
25.It's All Right-Waylon Jennings
26.Your Cheating Heart-Frankie Lain
27.Top 40 News Weather & Sports-Mark Dinning
28.Nightlife-B.B. King
29.Have A Cigar-Rosebud
30.Rock & Roll Medley-Jerry Lee Lewis
31.Mr. Record Man-Willie Nelson
32.Woman Is A Man's Best Friend-Teddy & The Twilights
33.Aware Of Love-Jerry Butler
34.Ain't That Just Like A Woman-Fats Domino
35.Hey Pretty Baby-Merv Griffin
36.I Should Be Getting Better-Brian Hyland
37.I Like The Way You Love Me-Foxy
38.Soul Serenade-King Curtis
39.Thou Shalt Not Steal-Kitty Wells
40.Hey Good Looking-Dell Shannon
Outro:Soul Saranade-King Curtis

Time Opprox : 2 Hours

The Halloween Show # 1 (Who Are The Basement Police)
October 27, 2017 11:44 PM PDT

This is a spooky basement replay....

This show ios enough spook anybody out of the Basement...well here we go again.
As we do every year we made a show dedicated to spooky/hokey Halloween music, music to trick or treat by.

Will let the Ghouls out like: Klaatu / Frank Zappa / KISS / Hawkwind / Lother & The Hand People and Alan Sherman as the Beaver....

So be Aware of some of the strangest music you will hear all year from the Basement. OK Igor...spin the disc's....

Intro:The Prince Of Darkness
1.Creatures Of The Night-KISS
2.Monster Shindig
4.Fool Killer-Johnny Rivers
5.Scooby-Doo Theme
6.In The Dead Of Night-U.K.
7.Brink Of Death-Harold Ohild
8.The Monster Jerk-Don Hinson
9.Refrigerator Heaven-Alice Cooper
11.Marching Off To Bedlam-Napoleon 14th
12.The Green Manalishi-Fleetwood Mac
13.Who Are The Brain Police-Frank Zappa
14.Rainbow Ride-Andy Kim
15.Monster Rock-Johnny Whitaker
16.The Adams Family Theme
17.The Adam's Family Theme-Joey Gaynor: as Frank Sinatra
18.Munsters Theme
19.Midnight Hour-? & The Mysterians
20.I Wanna Bite Your Hand-Gene Moss
21.My Son The Vampire-Alan Sherman
22.Hear The Wind Howl-Leo Kottke
23.Creature From The Black Lagoon-Dave Edmunds
24.You Must Be A Witch-The Lollypop Shoppe (Dedicated to : Whelll)...
25.About To Die-Procol Harum
26.It's About Time-Theme
27.Flip Top Box-Dickey Doo & The Don'ts
28.Flight Reaction-The Calico Wall
30.The Green Hornet-Theme
31.Kling Klang-The Groovy Ghoulies
32.Life At Last-Phantom Of The Paradise (SDTK)
33.Rest Cure-Arthur Brown
34.Ha-Ho-Lother & The Hand People
35.Hot Patooty Bless My Soul-Rocky Horror Picture Show (SDTK)
36.The Dream Police-Gary Newman
37.Fly-J.K. & Co.
38.Synthisize-Todd Rundgren
39.March Of The White Corpuscles-Daddy Dewdrop
Outro:Burried Under The Bridge-Frankie Stien & His Ghouls

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Johnny Cash # 2
October 27, 2017 11:08 PM PDT

Howdy Basementeers....
About a year ago we did a spotlight show on Johnny Cash and the only gripe we got that the show was only an hour long...OK we fixed that, we present more songs from a country legend Johnny Cash and we made it a 2 hour show. I wasn't sure if country music would go over too well for us, but there are people who are enjoying that kind of stuff, plus we always said we will break barriers from time to time, that's the freedom of doing our show.

So here you go 2 hours of the music from Johnny Cash .....

Intro:I Walk The Line
1.Hit The Road and Go
2.Still In Town
4.Out Among The Stars
5.You & Tennessee
6.I Will Rock & Roll With You
7.See Ruby Fall
8.Mr. Garfield
9.Go On Blues
10.Come In Stranger
11.Waitin' For A Train
12.You'll Be Alright (With June Carter)
13.Country Trash
14.Thanks A lot
15.Don't Think Twice
16.The Lady Came From Baltimore
17.I Got Shoes
18.Let Me Down Easy
19.She Used To Love Me A lot
20.I'll Be Loving You
22.Guess Things Happen That Way
24.That's All Over
25.Long Legged Guitar Pickin' Man
26.Just About Time
28.One Piece At A Time
29.I Promise You
30.Second Honeymoon
31.(A Novelty Song)-The Cash Song-Cicle K. Wranglers
32.The Great Speckled Bird
33.Tell 'Em I'm Gone
34.I Feel Better All Over
35.Home Of The Blues
36.One More Ride
37.Honkey Tonk Girl
38.Another Song To Sing
39.I Can't Help It
40.I Got A Thing For Trains
Outro:She Used To Love Me A lot (Remix)

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Country Music # 2
October 22, 2017 09:08 PM PDT

Hellooooo.....Northport, Alabama / Ahmedabad, India...and all Basementeers everywhere.......

On this show we continue with our SFTB Country saga and yes don't roll your eyes...we have a few goodies that maybe should be in the rock and roll world, but thanks to that twang...the songs are on this show..

Songs will be from: Johnny Cash / Mearl Travis / Max Powell / Waylon Jennings / Dolly Parton / Hoyt Axton and Ferlin Husky as the Beaver....

Ok Patnaws...let's head 'em off at the past.....

Intro:Little Betty-Bob Willis
1.After All-Jack Barlow
2.Why, Why, Why-Dolly Parton
3.Somebody Loves Me-Johnny Paycheck
4.I've Got The Tiger By The Tail-Peter & Gordon
5.San Bernardo-Hoyt Axton
6.Living Doll-Jim Eddy
7.Love's Gonna Live Here-Waylon Jennings
8.The Next Time I Fall In Love-Hank Thompson
9.Suspension-Terry Stafford
10.Ruby & The Gambler-Sonny Joe Ivy
11.Tecumseh (Tacomsee) Valley-The Stonmens
12.Minnesota Flatwoods Farm Boy-Jeff Young
13.Everyday Will Be Sunday-Max Powell
14.LIZ-Rick Nelson
15.I Dropped My Tater Chips-Deanna Marie
16.Pop A Top-Jim Ed Brown
17.You Broke My Heart At Walgreens-Ruby White
18.Do It All Over You-Freddy Weller
19.Keep On Truckin'-David Dudley
20.Cattle Call-Eddie Arnold
21.Missouri-Merle Travis
22.I've Been Everywhere-Hank Snow
23.Hit The Road & Go-Johnny Cash
24.Snowbird (Squaredance Version)-Kenny Anderson
25.Primrose Lane-Jerry Wallace
26.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry-The Everly Brothers
27.Your All Over The Place-David Willis
28.Lonesome 7-7203-Hawkshaw Hawkins
29.Get Along Little Doggies-Carteight Brothers
30.Anytime Your Ready-Ferlin Husky
31.She No Longer Cares-Ed Cassidy & The Georgia Corn Stompers
32.Loose Talk-Carl Smith
33.For The Love Of Him-Bobbie Martin
34.Not Among The Lovin-Shirwin Linton
35.Waltz Across Texas-Ernest Tubb
36.I Need An Angel-Bobby Quinn
37.Love That Feeling-Joe Stamply
38.Whisper Waltz-Pee Wee King
39.B.J. The DJ- Stonewall Jackson
40.Two Divided By Love-The Kendalls
Outro:Jumpin' At The Woodside-Bob Willis

Time Approx:2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Walter Egan
October 20, 2017 08:38 AM PDT

This Is A Basement Replay....

Helloooo Basementeers....
For the people who didn't hear this one the first time, here we are again.

Were playing a guy who is still making music today, he is : Walter Egan.
He was at Woodstock , and almost in the band The Eagles..but hooked with the Fleetwood Mac camp and did work with them...or should we say, they did work with him. (More as we get into the show).

We thought Walter needs some exposure again plus he has a new CD out so after hearing this show, go get his new CD too. BUT!! that CD was released after this show was done so we didn't mention the CD, but all the others should be mentioned.

Intro:Star In The Dust
2.Land Of The Living
3.Finally Found A Girlfriend
4.Going To Malibu
5.When Faith Comes Crashing Down
6.Little Miss, It's You
7.Girl Next Door
8.Tuesday Weld
9.Make It Alone
10.Time The Master
11.Only The Lucky
12.Drive Away
13.Surfing and Driving
15.Fall For You
16.There Goes My Girl
17.Magnet and Steel
18.Full Moon Fire
19.First Date, Last Date
20.Yes I Guess I Am
21.Hot Summer Nights
22.Maybe Baby

Time Approx : 90 Minutes

Totally 80's # 4
October 15, 2017 09:11 PM PDT

Hellooooo, Tampa, FL / Nonthaburi, Thailand......and Basementeers everywhere.........

Well it has been a favorite of some of the SFTB listeners when we do music from the 1980's, so here we go like again like.....Like on this show like were going to like play music from like...:....Big Country / The Producers / Donna Summer / The Cult / Missing Persons / Deep Purple and like The Motels as the Beaver like..... So like here we like gee like ...like....

OK enough with the 80's talk....like....

Introbig smile.T. - AC/DC
1.Nobody Like You-Steve Miller Band
2.Tyranny-The Stabilizers
4.Song and Dance-John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
5.It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart-Moody Blues
6.Love Is A Rose-Gary Wright
7.Angel Of The Darkness-The Everly Brothers
8.Is That Love-Squeeze
9.Hold On-Santana
10.On The Run-Balama & The Angel
11.Outlaw-The Cult
12.Next Stop London-Union
13.In Between Days-The Cure
14.Aint No Way To Treat A Lady-Bonnie Tyler
15.Are You Ready To Rock-Michael Shenkar Band
16.Porohman-Big Country
17.Work-Bob Marley & The Wailers
18.Take The L-The Motels
19.Call Of The Wild-Deep Purple
20.One Step Ahead-Split Enz
21.Cold Love-Donna Summer
22.Can't Go Back-Fleetwood Mac
23.Nobody Told Me-John Lennon
24.Into The Night-Benny Mardones
25.High School Nights-Dave Edmunds
26.Walking In L.A.-Missing Persons
27.What's He's Got-The Producers
28.In The 80's-Graham Nash
Outro:Chase The Ace-AC/DC

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Seatrain
October 12, 2017 08:34 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere....

Today we have a band called: Seatrain. They only had 4 albums to there name but we thought there kind of under-rated, so why not play trax from these albums.
The band is from California Marian County.

Intro:Losing All The Years
1.Pack Of Fools
2.I'm Whillin'
4.Sea Train
5.Watching The River Flow
6.Waiting For Elijah
7.Portrait Of A Lady As A Young Artist
8.London Song
10.Outwear The Hills
11.Broken Morning
12.The State Of Georgia's Mind
13.13 Questions
Outro: Fluit Thing

Time Approx: 60 Minn.

Songs Past There Prime # 2
October 08, 2017 08:43 PM PDT

Helloooo...St. Louis, Mo / Nice, France...and Basementeers everywhere..

This episode is something we did not long ago, feature songs from groups that are still putting out albums, but could never have hits again, we call it Songs past there prime, well maybe it's the groups past there prime.
Anyway we will feature songs from: B.B. King / John Lennon / Eric Clapton / Deep Purple / Peter Noone / Santana and ELO as the Beaver.

Don't get us wrong, were not poking fun at anybody, were playing trax from these people from there later albums, and what's wrong with that.

Intro:Meat-Manfred Mann's Earth Band
1.California Dreaming'-The Beach Boys
2.Call Of The Wild-Deep Purple
3.Heartbreak Love-Johnny Rivers
4.Change The World-Eric Clapton
5.Union Sundown-Bob Dylan
6.Run Away Train-Elton John & Eric Clapton
7.Real Love-John Lennon
8.Real Love-The Beatles
9.Big Boss Man-B.B. King
10.A Love Song-Joey Molland
12.When The River Rises-Firefall
13.If Anybody Had A Heart-Crosby, Stills & Nash
14.Deep Water-Molly Hatchet
15.Sweet Life-Carole King
16.I'm Gonna Rock Tonight-Peter Noone
17.2000 Blues-Z.Z. Top
18.Every Night-Electric Light Orchestra (Part 2)
19.She Used To Love Me A lot-Johnny Cash
20.Working At The Factory-The Kinks
21.Bad News Travels Fast-Bachman, Turner Overdrive
22.Amanda Ruth-The Everly Brothers
23.Back To School-Nazareth
24.Radio Heart-Gary Numan
25.I Feel Love Coming On-Jay & the Techniques
Outro:Telegraph Road-Dire Straits

Time Approx:2 Hours

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