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Secret Of My Basement
May 28, 2018 06:05 PM PDT

Helloooo Seattle, WA & Belgrade Serbia, and Basementeers everywhere.....

WEll here is another round of neato Freeto gems from the Basement to spin for everyone who would like to hear some gems from : The John Hall Band / Point Blank / Wishbone Ash / Neil Young / The Rockets and Mary Hopkin as the Beaver.

So will get going now...

Intro:Hey,Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1. One More Chance To Run-British Lions
2. Helpless-Wishbone Ash
3. The Elephant Walk-The Squeeze
4. Thunder & Lightning-Point Blank
5. Last Night-10cc
6. It's Important-Carolyn Mass
7. Hard Times-Danny O'Keef
8. Tear Down This Wall-Sea Level
9. Sweet Burgundy-Tommy Bolin
10. Two Lonely Pillows-Laura Lee
11. Nobody Knows-The John Hall Band
12. Josie-Dion
13. I'll Be Satisfied-Jackie Wilson
14. I Was Only Telling A Lie-James Taylor
15. Think About Your Children-Mary Hopkin
16. Think About Your Children-Richie Havens
17. War Of Man-Neil Young
18. Love-Kool & The Gang
19. To Satisfy You-Waylon Jennings
20. Reach Out For Me-The Carnival
21. How Can I Resist Your Love-The Temptations
22. American Dreams-The Rockets
23. Don't Let The Man Get You-The Spinners
24. Trouble For You-Michael Johnson
25. Somewhere, Sometime-Ironhorse
26. Innocent Eyes-38 Special
27. Secret Of My Darkness-Melanie
28. Running Wild-The Stampeders
29. Johnny Hold Back-Charlie
30. Heartbreak Today-The Sweet
Outro: 2001 Polkas-Martin Mull

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Basement Metal / Space Metal #1
May 24, 2018 09:09 PM PDT

Helooo Metal Heads all around the world.
And everybody else.....

Today we have a special concept for the metal series, were playing what we call songs that deal with outer space, or space travel ect.....we call it space metal....or Astral Rock....or Rocking 'Round the universe...we just couldn't come up a solid tittle so we have 3 of them, and they all sound good !!! well we think so.

Songs will be played will be from: KISS / Def Leppard / Deep Purple / Journey and a few more.

So if you wanna get away with us and musically travel the stars...this is where you want to be -Space Truckin' kind of sort of....

Intro: Stargate-Starcastle
1. Space Station# 5-Montrose
2. Spaceman-Journey
3. Supernaught-Black Sabbath
4. Super Trooper-Deep Purple
5. Astral Traveler-Yes
6. Around The Universe In 80 Days-Klaatu
7. Rocket Ride-KISS
8. PXR5-Hawkwind
9. Mirrors-Angel
10. Ride Into The Sun-Def Leppard
11. Space Baby-Captain Kirk
12. Jupiter Child-Steppenwolf
13. Touched And Gone-Gary Wright
14. Children Of The Sun-Billy Thorpe
Outro: Nova-Starcastle

Time Approx: 60 Minutes

Spotlight Show: Yes Solo Songs
May 24, 2018 08:53 PM PDT

Helloo Basementeers everywhere.....

Today we have an interesting show, we are about to play solo songs from the members of the group YES. They did do solo albums so we thought why not feature there songs sometime...so why not now.

During a year off of recording as a band unit they decided to record solo albums between the years of 1975-76 roughly. So we picked out some neat trax. It will be explained in the show as you listen through.

Intro: Pennants-Steve Howe
1. Flight Of The Moonglade-John Anderson
2. Breakaway From It All-Steve Howe
3. Hold Out Your Hand-Chris Squire
4. Spring Of Innocence-Alan White
5. Best Years Of Our Lives-Patrick Moraz
6. Small Beginnings-Flash (Peter Banks & Tony Kaye)
7. Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles (Geoff Downes & Trevor Horn)
8. The Warning-Rick Wakeman
9. In The Dead Of Night-UK (Bill Bruford)
10. Fist Of Fire-Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe
11. Run With The Fox-Chris Squire & Alan White
12. My White Bicycle-Tomorrow (Steve Howe)
Outro: Rise & Fall-Patrick Moraz

Time Approx: 60 Minutes

One Basement Of Love
May 20, 2018 09:03 PM PDT

Helloooo: Long Beach, CA / Westminster/London England, and Basementeers all over....

On this excursion into the great unknown of music, well will let the music sing for itself on this one.

You will hear tunes from: The Smithereens / Jackson Brown / The Honeycone / Santana / Jackie Wilson and Lou Rawls as the Beaver....

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1. Living On The Open Road-Delany & Bonnie
2. No Opportunity Necessary-Richie Havens
3. Two Time Loser-Point Blank
4. You Gotta Run-Snail
5. How Do You Do It-Gerry & The Pacemakers
6. Hungry Stranger-The Monroes
7. Dangerous-Moon Martin
8. Peace On Earth-Santana
9. Quiet Places-Buffy St. Marie
10. Groovy People-Lou Rawls
11. Livin' Lovin' Wreck-Jerry Lee Lewis
12. Long, Long Ponytail-The Fireballs
13. To The Bone-L.T.D.
14. A Girl Like You-The Smithereens
15. Love Of The Loved-Cila Black
16.Welcome Innervision-Novo Combo
17. Decided Today-Bonaroo
18. 20th Century Man-David Gates
19. Magic Is The Moonlight-Nat King Cole
20.Stand Back In Amazement-String Drivin' Thing
21. 500 Men-Mason Profit
22. Where Thine That Special Face-Robert Goulet
23. You Better Know It-Jackie Wilson
24. While I'm Alone-Maze
25. One Night Of Love-Jeannette MacDonald
26. Running Song-Aliotta,Haynes Music
27. Woman From Liberia-Jimmy Rogers
28. I Can't Break Away-Natalie Cole
29. Silver Morning-Kenny Rankin
30. Uptown, Down-Melanie
31. Linda Paloma-Jackson Brown
32. Where There's Smoke There's Fire-HUB
33. Sunday Morning People-The Honeycone
Outro:300 Rabbits-El Topo SDTK

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Basement Metal # 3
May 17, 2018 10:10 PM PDT

PARENTAL GUIDANCE: for this one...

Hellooo Metal Heads all over and where ever you bang.....

I guess the new concept is growing and we are gaining an audience for the Metal concept, so thank you all who tuned into our first 2 shows, there will be more to come.

In this show you will hear groups like: Saint Vitus / AC-DC / Aerosmith / Sword and more.

Intro: Opa-Loka-Hawkwind
1. Dance All Night-Autograph
2. This Means War-Tank
3. FINE-Aerosmith
4. And The Band Played On-Saxon
5. Show You Something Special-Bellama & The Angel
6. Zombie Hunger-Saint Vitus
7. Crying In The Rain-Whitesnake
8. Stoned Again-Sword
9. Bad Attitude-Deep Purple
10. In Union We Stand-Overkill
11. Borrowed Time-AC/DC
Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Approx: 60 Minutes

Spotlight Show: Dusty Springfield
May 17, 2018 09:30 PM PDT

Heloooo Basementeers everywhere....

On this episode of the spotlight series is a legendary female singer: Dusty Springfield.

I didn't even know how good the songs she did up until recently really were, When I was putting this show together, I was really getting into her stuff. I almost didn't get it done lots of interruptions, just by playing her songs and not working lol...but we hope you will hear the great music from miss lady Dusty on SFTB.

We had so many songs for just this show we might do another one on Dusty's music soon....heads up....

Intro: Brand New Me
1. Live It Up
2. Silver Threads & Golden Needles
3. Crumbs On The Table
4. Blind Sheep
5. Easy Evil
6. Stay Awhile
7. Lovin' Proof
8. Once Upon A Time
9. Take Me For A While
10. Don't Forget About Me
11. Sweet Ride
12. Little By Little
13. I Want To Stay Here
14. Turn Me Around
15. The Look Of Love
16. Goodnight Irene
17. Bad Case Of The Blues
18. Ain't No Sunshine Since You Been Gone
19. Your Hurtin' Kind Of Love
20. I Just Fall In Love Again
21. I Was Not Born To Follow
22. Will You Love Me Tomorrow
23. Can I Get A Witness
24. All I See Is You
25. If It Don't Work Out
26. Who Could Be Loving You
27. Just A Little Loving
28. Old Habits Die Hard
29. Gotta Travel On
30. The Magic Garden
31. Guess Who
32. Gotta Get Used To You
33. Breakfast In Bed
34. That's The Kind Of Love I have For You
35. See All Her Faces
Outro: Occupy Your Mind

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Totally 80's # 6 (Yes Here We Go Again)
May 14, 2018 08:07 PM PDT

Hellooo: Long Beach, CA / Puento Alto, Chile, South America....and basementeers all over......

Lotza lotz goin' on in the basement, always trying to keep all of you out there riveted. Yes here we go again with the songs from 80's...yes people seem to still like this concept.

So the stuff you will hear on this show will be from: Fleetwood Mac / Rush / The Cars / Steely Dan / The Public Eye / Billy Joel and Art Garfunkel as the Beaver.....

Let's get 2 it were ready 2 go.

Intro: D.T.-AC/DC
1. Someone Tonight-R.E.O. Speedwagon
2. Gypsy-Dio
3. Beat Of A Heart-Scandal
4. When Will I Be Loved-Rockpile
5. The Party's Over-Journey
6. Chemistry-Rush
7. Heart's On Fire-Randy Meisner
8. Welcome To The Boomtown-David & David
9. Wrong Side Of Love-Cheap Trick
10. Everybody's On The Run-Jimmy Buffett
11. Closer To The Borderline-Billy Joel
12. Let Him Run-Nightranger
13. Got To Rock On-Kansas
14. Maybe Baby-The Cars
15. Brave New World-The Public Eye
16. Fireflies-Fleetwood Mac
17. Storms Over Africa-Enya
18. Loser Gone wild-Electric Light Orchestra
19. Hang On In-Art Garfunkel
20. For You-Manfred Mann's Earth Band
21. Time Out Of Mind-Steely Dan
22. Wont Let You Do It To Me-Jim Photoglo
23. Warning Shot-Dennis DeYoung
24. I Got The Right To Be Wrong-Allman Brothers
25. I Never Knew Her Name-Elton John
26.Time After Time-The Rockets
27. We Are STARS-Hear 'N' Aid
28. Prime Time-Rossington / Collins Band
Outro: Chase The Ace-AC/DC

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Basement Metal # 2
May 10, 2018 09:01 PM PDT

Hellooo Metal Heads & Head Bangers where ever you are.....
Well were into week 2 in a grand experiment that is looking to be a hit here...as we call it Basement Metal..I think you know what kind of music were talking about.

This week we will play trax from: The Oman / Metal Church / Hawkwind / This Lizzy and a few more.

So let's get rockin'
This show goes out to -ROCK FINGERS-

Intro: Opa-Loka-Hawkwind
1. Mad Donna-The Heretix
2. Highwire-Railway
3. One Good Lover-Siren
4. Master Of The Pit-Cirith Ungol
5. She Makes Me Feel alright-Journey
6. Walking The Shadows-Queensryche
7. Cold Sweat-Thin Lizzy
8. Watch The Children Pray-Metal Church
9. Living On A Knifes Edge-Hawkwind
10. Babylon Fell-Celtic Frost
11. Give Me All Your Love-Whitesnake
12. The Axeman-The Omen
13. Bad Time-Angel
14. Gloves Of Metal-Man O War
Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Aprox: 60 Minutes

Spotlight Show: The Strawbs
May 10, 2018 08:42 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers everywhere....

This episode is on The Strawbs. A band that seldom is played these days. Sandy Denny was also in this band in the early days. Rick Wakeman was also in the band too before moving onto the group YES and a very successful solo career. So this band was a cross between being a hippy folk band to a Hard Rock glam band.

So now you get to hear trax from 13 of there albums even the 3 impossible (Hard to find) albums too.

Intro: The Guardian Angel
1. On My Way
2. Turn Me Around
3. Lay Down
4. Benedictus
5. The Man Who Called Himself Jesus
6. Lay A Little Light On Me
7. The Promised Land
8. The Last Resort
9. Angel Wine
10. Another Day
11. Where Is The dream Of Your Youth
12. I Feel Your Love Coming On
13. 30 Days
14. Little Sleepy
15. Heavy Disguise
16. Tell Me What You See In Me
17. Young Man
18. I Only Want My Love To Grow With You
19. Shine On Silver Sun
20. I'll Carry On Beside you
21. Oh How She Charmed
22. Hey It's Been A Long Time
23. Heartbreaker
24. Where Do You Go
25. Stormy Down
26. Charmer
27. No Return
28. All I See Is You
29. Carry Me Home
30. Close Your Eyes
Outro: The Auction

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Ripples On The Basement
May 06, 2018 08:41 PM PDT

Hellooo, Wichita, Ks / Mexico City, Mexico...and Basementeers all over...

Well here we are in May and the weather is getting warmer in most of the world...the shows keep on coming and school will be out in a few weeks too, time for Summer....OK back to the music....Yes we have a few more neettoo songs we pulled out from piles of 45's and lp's to play for you...

Songs to be played on this week will be from: Pat Travers / Big Country / Buddy Miles / Blue Oyster Cult / The Sweet / Laura Nyro and Elton John as the Beaver...

So tune and take over....oh yeah...that's our job......just tune in....

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1. Dangerous Game-Moon Martin
2. You Touch And You Go-Jackie Deshannon
3. Grecian Lady-Buddy Miles
4. Shake Me Up-Bad Boy
5. Teen Archer-Blue Oyster Cult
6. Flames Of The West-Big Country
7. You Showed Me What Love Is-The Hues Corporation
8. I Want You With Me-B.T. Express
9. Diamonds You Meet-One The Jugler
10. Taste Of Your Love-Brownsville Station
11. Cosquellas En El Peoho- Amanda Miguel
12. My Life Is On The Line-Pat Travers
13. You Just Can't Win-Jerry Butler & Gene Chandler
14. Move Up A Grade-The Cuban Heels
15. Where We Go From Here-Chicago
16. Talking To A Sailor-Spread Eagle
17. Ripples On The Water-Jigsaw
18. Crossing Wires-Pacific Eardrum
19. Louisiana Fais Dodo-The Charlie Daniels Band
20. Function At The Junction-Duke Williams & The Extremes
21. Some-Petula Clark
22. Our Love Was Meant To Be-Lou Christie & Leslie Gore
23. The Confession-Laura Nyro
24. Sweet Marie-Rick Roberts
25. Sweet Summer Music-Attitudes
26. Whenever You Ready (Will Go Steady Again)-Elton John
27. Restless-The Sweet
28. Your My Everything-Lee Garrett
29. Dueling Tubas-Martin Mull
30. Call Me Tomorrow-Major Harris
31. Oh Pretty Woman-Andy Kim
32. Open Sesame-Kool & The Gang

Time Approx: 2 Hours

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