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Don't Rain on my Basement!!
August 20, 2017 08:12 PM PDT


HEllooooo....Mesa, AZ / Feira De Santana - Bahia - Brazil, South America, and Basementeers all over..........................

Today we have a blast from our past, we are posting once again one of the first shows we ever did from 2013. Since it's still Summer up in the northern part of the world, we have 2 short shows in one. Hour 1 is songs about the Radio, and hour 2 is songs about Rain...yes Rain songs. This show was real just an experiment, almost erased, but we kept it and well...here it is again.

the bands and artists you will hear will be from: B.B. King / Tom Waits / Roger Waters / Rush / The Parade / John Hiatt and The Buggles as the Beaver....

So turn your radios on and grab an umbrella because it's raining music.....

HOUR 1 : Radio Songs............

1.Mr. D.J.-Aretha Franklin
2.Radio Heart-Gary Numan
3.Radio Song-The Parade
4.Radio Girl-John Hiatt
5.WKRP In CinCinnati-Steve Charlile
6.Country D.J.-Bill Anderson
7.Devil's radio-George Harrison
8.The Radio-Dr. Hook
9.Radio Waves-Roger Waters
10.Late Night Radio-John Denver
11.WOLD-Harry Chapin
12.Airwaves-Tom Dolby
13.Spirit Of Radio-Rush
14.Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles

HOUR 2: Rain Songs

1.Rain-The Beatles
2.I See The Rain-The Marmalade
3.I Can Hear The Rain-Bryan Hyland
4.Thunder And Lightning-Argent
5.Rainclouds-Paul McCartney
6.Raining In My Heart-B.B. King
7.Standing In The Rain-The James Gang
8.Rainmaker-Partridge Family
9.Diamonds On My Windshield-Tom Waits
10.Don't Go Out Into The Rain-Herman's Hermits
11.Rain-The Sunshine Company
12.Don't Rain On My Parade-Barbara Streisand
13.Elizabeth Rain-Rene Armand
14.Rhapsody In The Rain-Lou Christie
15.Hurricane-Y & T
16.You Don't Have To Walk In The Rain-The Turtles
17.Rainey Day-Classics 4
Outro:Caught In The Rain-Fleetwood Mac

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Between the Hammer and the Basement - Judas Priest
August 17, 2017 07:03 PM PDT

Today we are resurrecting an older show on Judas Priest. Yes we had requests for metal bands, so I forgot I did this show so early in our history, so why not play it once again for the new listeners to SFTB.

We will play trax from there albums available to us when we recorded the show, there's plenty of songs to play. So if your a new listener to them, you might like something from these guys. This show was originally aired back in 2014.

Intro: Caviart & Meths
1. Hot Rockin'
2. Hell Patrol
3. Starbreaker
4. Grinder
5. Heads Are Gonna Roll
6. Riding The Wind
7. Wheels Of Fire
8. United
9. Hell Bent For Leather
10. Rock-A-Rolla
11. Tyrant
12. Stained Glass
13. The Green Manalishi (Live)
14. I'm A Rocker
15. Don't Go
16. Between The Hammer & The Anvil
17. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
18. Sinner
19. One More For The Road
20. Revolution
21. Desert Planes
22. Johnny B. Goode
23. Evening Star
24. Savage
25. Take These Chains
Outro: Run Of The Mill

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Get Yourself A Basement
August 13, 2017 07:41 PM PDT

Hellooooo Henderson, Nevada & Brussels, Belgium...and basementeers everywhere..

Today same and rinse with more songs, as long as the world spins, so do our records....so here we go.
Today we will spin songs from: The Delphonics / Janis Joplin / Van Morrison / Crazy Horse / The Beatles / Them and Nico as the Beaver.....
So were ready to go are you ????

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1.Again and Again-Status Quo
2.Some Kind Of Summer-Trini Lopez
3.Electra-Phoebe Snow
4.By, By, By-The Guess Who
5.Break Your Promise-The Delphonics
6.Put Your Money Down-Christie
7.One Good Man-Janis Joplin
8.Hard Times In The Land Of Plenty-Ormar & The Howlers
9.Were Gonna Love Again-Sir Winston & The Commons
10.The Last Mile-Nico
11.Get Yourself On The Farm-Chuck Mangione
12.Mystic Eyes-Them
13.Shimmy Shake-The Beatles
14.Keep A Knocking-The Everly Brothers
15.Survival Of The Fittest-The Hollies
17.I'll Get By-Crazy Horse
18.Were Gonna Make It-Cher & Gregg Allman
20.Museum-Herman's Hermits
21.Tramp-Bachman, Turner Overdrive
22.It's A dream-Johnny Flamingo
23.Turn Her Down-Rita Pavone
24.I Love Being Here With You-Peggy Lee
25.I Can't It Anymore-Richie Havens
26.Pearl Of My Heart-Bob Arlin
27.Hungry For Your Love-Van Morrison
28.Right String But Wrong Yo-Yo-Elvin Bishop
29.Jump & hop-The Romancers
30.Sunny Days-Jackie De Shannon
31.Let Me Party With You-Bunny Sigler
32.So Glad To See You Here-Paul McCartney & Wings
33.Daylight-Hudson & Ford
34.Fleeoowee-The Calvanes
35.Ballad Of The Chrome Nun-Jefferson Airplane
Outro:Social Slavery-The Olivers

Time Approx:2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Jesse Winchester
August 10, 2017 09:03 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers Everywhere...

Today we have an artist that needs desperately some airplay, his music would be liked if people would hear him, His name is Jesse Winchester. If you were a hippie in the 70's, you would have known his music. But if you weren't, You'll know it anyway.

He should have had a few hits over these years, but oh well....We are playing his first 7 albums, we didn't have the last 7, but what we have is enough for a good show.

Intro:Lullaby For The First Born
2.High Ball
3.Sure Enough
4.Isn't That So
5.Wake Me
6.Everybody Knows But Me
7.Say What
8.Rosy Shy
9.Full Moon
10.The End Is Not In Sight
12.Let The Rough Side Drag
13.Yankee Lady
15.How Far To The Horizon
16.Gilding The Lily
17.Third Rate Romance
18.Step By Step
19.Silly Heart
21.Talk Memphis
22.Rumba Man
Outro:It Takes More Then A Hammer

Punk From The Basement
August 06, 2017 09:17 PM PDT

PERENTAL GUIDENCE NOTE For this show just in case we played anything offensive .......

Hellooooo, Westminster/London, England & Henderson, Nevada and all Basementeers all over...

Today I have a special guest in the Basement with me. He is the Legendary: Dave Swerdlick, who is also a long time legendary podcaster in his own write. He dose Kid Friday and Story Cub, and many more lists under his belt.
Anyway he wanted to come down when I was in a Punk mood, so I kind of let him pick the music for the most part for this week's show. So we settled on PUNK music. It's something I don't do often, but for this week's show why not. Dave and I have known eachother for over 38 years, but we have not done a DJ show since May 1981, so it's been a long time. So best of luck to us both.....no really it was a fun show. So anyone who loves PUNK music, you'll like this one.

Stuff we will play will be from: Generation X / Husker Du / Split Enz / The Clash / Sex Pistols and Johhny Thunder as the Beaver......

Introbig smileouble Happy-Split Enz
1.Sheena Is A Punk Rocker-Ramones
2.Rock Away Beach-Ramones
3.I Wanna Be Sedated-Ramones
4.Chinese Rock-Ramones
5.Like A Rolling Stone-Johhny Thunder
6.Anarchy In The UK-Sex Pistols
7.My Way-Sex Pistols
8.Gimmy Some Truth-Generation X
9.Valley Of The Dolls-Generation X
10.London's Burning-The Clash
11.Julies In The Drug Squad-The Clash
12.Slave Girl-The Lime Spiders
13.N.Y. Is Alright If You Like...-Fear
14.California Under Allies-Dead Kennedys
15.Rise Above-Black Flag
16.Aint Talking About Love-Minute Men
17.Political Song About Michael Jackson
18.Meat House-Negative Trent
20.Kabuki Girl-Lambardo
21.Silly Girl-The Descendants
22.Kids Don't Follow-The Replacements
23.Could You Be The One-Husker Du
24.Institutionalized-Suicidal Tendencies
25.Search And Destroy-Igy Pop & The Stooges
26.This Life's For Me-The Plastic Bertrand
27.Lucky Number-Lene Lovich
28.Capitol Offender-Degeneration
29.Outrobig smileouble Happy-Split Enz

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Be Bop Delux
August 04, 2017 10:46 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere...

Today we have band that straddled between the glam and punk worlds.
There called: Be Bop Delux. Do they get any exposure ?? nope, so we have to do it. We think you come away liking something from this batch of songs.

BTW: Let's give a BIG get well soon to ELAINE who is under the weather and down in the dumps.....btw while your down there could you look for a pair of shoes size 10 1/2...

1.Life In The Air Rage
2.Maid In Heaven
3.Like An Old Blues
4.Speed Of The Wind
6.Forbidden Lovers
7.Night Creatures
9.Sleep That Burns
10.Electrical Language
11.Jet Silver And The Dolls From Venus
12.Modern Music
13.Mainstreet Junction
14.Lovers Are Mortal
15.Panic In The World
16.Sister Segal
17.Love Is Swift Arrows
18.Ships In The Night
Outro:No Trains To Heaven

Time Approx: 90 Min.

Friends And Basements
July 30, 2017 10:08 PM PDT

Helloooo, Louisville, KY / Teresina/Piquie-Brazil, South America.
And Basementeers all over.....

Just a note for all who tuned into the lastest spotlight show on Gary Wright. I want to make a big correction that I mentiuoned that Gary Write had passed away a while ago...He Did not..I had wrong info on that, and he is still with us and doing music so I am correcting that. That was my big whoops !! but things happen, but we hope you liked the show anyway....

OK onto this show.........Here is another big show of various artists of songs from people that some might not be with us anymore but there music still lives on with us.

Will be playing songs from : Pink Floyd / Trapeze / Cher / Redwing / The Grassroots / The Edge and Head East as the Beaver.....

So to start a new week and a new leaf, let's get on with it....

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1.I'm Living For You Girl-The Grassroots
2.Reach Out For Me-Burt Bacharach
3.One Night Only Love Maker-Tom Jones
4.And My Baby's Gone-The Moody Blues
5.Lost Highway-Redwing
6.House At Pooh Corner-The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
7.Too Weak To Fight-Clarence Carter
8.Sitting By The Pool-Rick Derringer
9.If You Need Me-Fats Domino
10.Tuesday Heartbreak-Stevie Wonder
11.Spirit-Al Jarreau
12.Darling Lorraine-The Knockouts
13.For What It's Worth-Cher
14.Boys-The Shirelles
15.My Love Sings-Joey Gregorash
16.Paint Box-Pink Floyd
17.I'm So Glad-Helena Ferguson
18.Help Me Girl-The Animals
19.Couldn't I Just Tell You-Todd Rundgren
20.Down Home Boy-Jerry Williams Group
21.Back Street Love-Trapeze
22.If You Love Her-Bobby Taylor & The Vancouver's
23.Statesboro Blues-Pat Travers
24.Gettin' Lucky-Head East
25.Tell The Truth-Ray Charles
26.As Long As There's You-The Partridge Family
27.Future Men-The Edge
28.Every Beat Of My Heart-Foreigner
29.Love's Closing In On Me-Tommy James & The Shondells
30.Here She Comes Now-The Velvet Underground
31.Hoodoo Woman-Backstreet Crawler
32.Local Still-Nazareth
33.Somewhere, Somewhere-The Nutmegs
34.Salvation-Overland Stage
35.Friends And Lovers-Bread
Outro:Earl Gray-Fleetwood Mac

Spotlight Show - Gary Wright
July 28, 2017 02:53 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere....

Today we have a legendary musician, who may not get the attention he should have...but today, we pay tribute to the music of Gary Wright.

He was in the legendary band Spooky Tooth, and went solo and had a few hits on his own. We will play songs from Gary's solo albums. He was known as The Dream Weaver, so if that works for you, us too, so let's get to his stuff Gary Write on the Basement.

Introtongueray For Your Love
1.Power Of Love
2.Touched And Gone
3.The Wrong Time
4.It Ain't Right
5.Love Is Like A Rose
6.Stand Up For Your Rights
7.Are You Weepin'
8.I Can Feel You Cryin'
9.I Really Want To Know You
10.Get On The Right Road
11.Something Very Special
12.Waiting For The Wind
13.Who Am I
14.You Don't Own Me
15.Water Sign
16.Give Me The Good Earth
17.Love Is Alive
18.I Know A Place
19.Keep Your Love In Your Soul
20.Positive Feelings
21.Night Ride
22.Silent Fury
23.Fascinating Things
24.Blind Feeling
25.Take A Look
26.Fantasy Satisfyer
27.Love Is Why
Outro:Fascinating Things

Basements Mean Fun
July 23, 2017 06:46 PM PDT

Hellooooo Austin, Texas & Athens, Greece And Basementeers Everywhere...

Today we have a new theme song for season 5 of SFTB. 5 Seasons doing the show we think is amazing to be on the internet that long, but here's to a successful year what ever comes our way. And thank all of you out there that have tunes in and liked the show...THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!

OK So today we have songs from: The Beatles / Yes / Pheobe Snow / Bobby Rydell Chicago / Peggy Lee and Miles Davis & John Coltrain.....

So start the show and will have the music ready We got the Victrola's ready to go.

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsley
1.Summer Means Fun-Bruce & Terry
2.Train Of Throught-Annette Funchello
3.River Of Endless Love-The Moody Blues
4.Circle Game-Buffy St. Marie
5.To Give All Your Love Away-Richie Havens
6.When The Chips Are Down-Rick Nelson
7.Hot Summer Nights-Walter Egan
8.In The Name Of Love-Peggy Lee
9.They Who Have Nothing-Clear Light
10.Rose Of Mandalay-Bing Crosby
11.There's No Surfin' In Cleveland-The Euclid Beach Band
12.The Theme-Miles Davis & John Coltrain
13.People In Love-Lulu
14.My Hearts Desire-The Pearls
15.Now You've Gone Away-Chicago
16.Hey Everybody-Bobby Rydell
17.Finger On The Trigger-Donna Summer
18.The Road Ahead-The Magpie Stump
19.My Kind Of Love-Ben Pollock & His Park Central Orch.
20.Singing All Day-Jethro Tull
21.Rock & Roll Men-Heavy Metal Kids
22.Got To Go Through It To Get To It-Graham Central Station
23.Down Right Disgusted-The Chicagoan's
24.I'll Be Back-The Beatles
25.Riviara-J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding
26.On The Run-Point Blank
27.I'm Sorry-The Delphonics
28.New State Of Mind-Yes
29.You Have Not Won-Pheobe Snow
30.Thanks-The James Gang
Outro:500 CC-The Eliminators

Time Approx : 2 hours

Spotlight Show - HEATWAVE
July 20, 2017 09:37 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere...

Since it's Summer we have a real HOT show for you..they were called: HEATWAVE.....They were very big in the later 1970's and did some funky/disco music that kept people dancing for a few years. They made the fraze : BOOGIE NIGHTS popular again.

So if your in a dancing mood, or hearing this group for the first time, well either way, here we go and ready to BOOGIE.....

Intro:Big Guns
1.Too Hot To Handle
2.Gangster Of The Groove
3.Find It In Your Heart
4.The Groove Line
5.The Night We Fell
6.Always And Forever
7.Jitter Buggin'
9.Send Out For Some Sunshine
10.State To State
11.Going Crazy
12.Boogie Nights
13.Put The Word Out
14.Mind What You Find
15.Leaving For A Dream
16.Turn Around
17.All Talked Out
18.Super Soul Sister
Outro:Hold On To The One

Time Approx : 90 Min.

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