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Movie Music # 6
June 18, 2017 10:06 PM PDT

Hellooo Kolkata-West Bengal, India & Virginia Beach, VA ... and Basementeers everywhere......

Well this is the final episode of the Movie music series, some of you are saying thank God..but don't you fret, will have more series next season. Well we have some neat music on this show anyway...

Songs from people like: Pat Benatar / Autograph / AC-DC / The Yardbirds / Quincy Jones and Elton John as the Beaver.

Intro: Swing On A Star-Mitch Ayers Orch.
1.Who Made Who-AC/DC
2.Every Witch Way But Lose-Eddie Rabbit
3.Small World-Gypsy SDTK
4.Make The Move-Kenny Loggins
5.Gladiators Fight To The Death-Spartacus SDTK
6.What The Hell Have I-Alice In Chains
7.Money Runner-Quincy Jones
8.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds-Bill Murray
9.Quintet-West Side Story SDTK
10.Take No Prisoners-Autograph
11.Let's Get Together-Haley Mills
12.You Better Run-Pat Benatar
13.The Glory Of Love-Dean Martin
14.A Bushel & A Peck-Guys & Dolls
15.He Aint Heavy, He's The Cardinal-The 3 Musketeers SDTK
16.Lipstick Montage-Michael Polenaref
17.Also Sprach-2001 A Space Odesy
18.Day Of The Dolphin Theme
19.Stroll On-The Yardbirds
20.Ready To Take A Chance Again-Barry Manilow
21.Beating Around The Bush-Jo-Jo-Zepp
22.Cockeyed Optimist-South Pacific SDKT
23.Down The Road-Barry DeVorzon
24.Pick A Little, Talk A Little-The Music Man SDTK
25.A Hard Day's Night-The Beatles
26.Calling You-Jevetta Steele
27.The Morning After-Maureen McGovern
28.Long Reef-Harry Bettes
29.From Denver To LA-Elton John
30.Long Live Rock-The Who
Outro:Swing On A Star-Mitch Ayers Orch.

Time Approx : 90 Min.

Spotlight Show: Chad & Jeremy
June 15, 2017 06:37 PM PDT

Hellooooo Basementeerzzzzzzz everywhere........

If you remember being a 60's kid and watching the TV and seeing your favorite singing stars and you go insane just because you imagine it's The Beatles....Well if you were like that then.....we have one of the most popular singing duo's of the mid 60's...it's Chad & Jeremy. Yes we have 9 albums to play with here from there music. Chad & Jeremy were mixed up with the other duo (Peter & Gordon). Will get to them later. Anyway let's play some songs from Chad & Jeremy.

Introsurprisednly The Young
1.I Don't Wanna Lose You Baby
3.Too Soon My Love
6.Family Way
7.No Other Baby
8.Before & After
9.There But For Fortune
10.Like I Love You Today
11.Aint It Nice
13.Bite The Bullet
14.Paxton's Quigly's Had The Course
15.What Do You Want From Me
16.Distant Shores
17.Now & Forever
18.Little Dose She Know
19.The Girl Who Sang The Blues
21.You Are She
22.Rest In Peace
23.Transatlantic Trauma 1966
24.Only Those In Love
25.Why Should I Care
26.Willow Weep For Me
27.Don't Make Me Do It
28.The Gentle Cold Of Dawn
29.Yesterday's Gone
30.Tell Me Baby
31.Should I
32.Zanzibar Sunset
34.Evil Hearted Me
35.The Woman In You
36.The Way You Look Tonight
37.A Summer Song
Outro: Only The Young

Show Aprox: 2 hours

Basement Freak-out - Psych Show # 1
June 13, 2017 07:30 PM PDT


By popular demand...60's psych songs still have some merit 50 years later.

We also had a major power outage in the basement for the last few days, but were back. So we thought we would run an older show that has a bunch of great songs that will give us a groovy Summer mood and we might play the other psych shows thru the Summer..there's only 3 more anyway...OK so what and who are on this episode ?? is...

Sons Of Champlin / Silver Apples / The Mojo Men / Grateful Dead / The Soft Machine and Frank Zappa as the Beaver...................

So get in your groovy mood and pretend it's the Summer of love.....

Intro:The Behemoth-The Shadows Of Knight
1.Unconscious Power-The Iron Butterfly
3.Showroom Model-The Peter Ivers Band
4.Mindbreaker-The Litter
5.Wailing Sounds-Lord Sutch
6.Hungry Freaks-Frank Zappa
7.Guitar Freakout-The Ventures
8.Tobacco Road-Blues Magoos
9.It's Too Groovy-The Ohio Express
10.Show Me The Way To Get Stones-Dave Peel
11.Velvet Cave-Silver Apples
12.We Did It Again-Soft Machine
13.Agnus Dei-The Electric Prunes
14.Iron Butterfly Theme-The Iron Butterfly
15.Bloody Water-Tommy James & The Shondells
16.Hello Sunlight-The Sons Of Champlin
17.I Heard Her Call My Name-The Velvet Underground
18.It Really Doesn't Matter-The McCoys
19.What Ever Happend To Happy-The Mojo Men
20.Born Cross Eyed-The Grateful Dead
21.Gypsy People-Jan & Lorraine
22.Wasted Union Blues-It's A Beautiful Day
23.Laurel & Hardy-Jan & Dean
24.Cheater Man-Jericho
25.Daily Nightly-The Monkees
26.Shotgun-Vanilla Fudge
27.I See The Light-The 5 Americans
28.Fight Reaction-The Calico Wall
Outro:Born Losers Theme-The Born Losers SDTK

Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Tycoon
June 08, 2017 08:43 PM PDT

Hi Basementeers all over......

Today we have a group that was known as a one hit wonder, but the guys who made up Tycoon, made it in other bands before and after this band ever came together.
We explain all that in the show as your about to hear. We will go through the 3 Tycoon albums and a non lp track. But we think you will be happy with the selection of songs we picked out for the show. After this you will want to seek there records out.

Intro:This Island Earth
1.Too Late NYC
2.Turn Out The Lights
3.Over & Over
4.Tell Me Why
5.How Long Can We Go On
6.One More Try
7.That Girl
8.Such A Woman
9.Let It Down
10.Way Of The World
11.Slow Down Boy
12.Come On Over
13.If I
Outro: Over & Over

Show approx. 60 Minutes

Never Say Basement
June 04, 2017 08:12 PM PDT

Helllooooo Fresno, Ca. & Bogata, Columbia, South America...and everybody else everywhere.......

This week we have a variety of music from all sorts of artists like: Black Sabbath / Bob Dylan / Van Morrison / Fleetwood Mac / New England and Janis Ian as the Beaver......

So strap yourself in once again for another musical excursion thru the musical basement.

Intro:A Tab In The Ocean-Nektar
1.It's Good To Be Here-Bobby Vee
2.Goodnight Irene-The Springfields
3.Fool For You-The Impressions
4.Teardrop City-The Monkees
5.Woman (Make You Feel Alright)-Easybeats
6.Head Keeper-Dave Mason
7.Tonight Will Last Forever-Janis Ian
8.I'll Get By-Crazy Horse
9.Precious & Grace-Z Z Top
10.I'll Be Leaving Soon-The Outlaws
11.Hobo Lady-McKendree Spring
12.Mary, Mary-Jimmy Reed
13.Groovin' Is Easy-The Electric Flag
14.Fireflies-Fleetwood Mac
15.That Same Old Feeling-The Fortunes
16.I'm A Fool For You-38 Special
17.Bulbs-Van Morrison
18.My Crew-Rita Coolidge
19.Eating Pizza-The Sheppard Sisters
20.All About Elvis-P.Q. Rock & Roll
21.Tough Mama-Bob Dylan
22.Do It-The Doors
23.Electric Prunes-Thorjon
24.Everybody's Been Talking-The Mugwumps
25.Love Takes Time-The Orleans
26.Never Say Die-Black Sabbath
27.I Can't Stand It No More-Peter Frampton
28.Don't Ever Want To Lose Ya-New England
29.Phantom Writer-Gary Wright
30.I'm Coming Back To You-Julie London
Outro:Friend Of Mine-Barclay James Havest

Spotlight Show - The Trammps (Basement Contest)
June 02, 2017 12:06 AM PDT

Helllloooo Basementeers all over...

Today on the spotlight show we have the music of The Trammps. There music was featured in the movie: Saturday Night Fever. So why not do a show on there music and play trax from there albums....So here we are. If you feel like getting up and boogie, this group is right your ally.

Intro:Trammps Disco Theme
1.You Touched My Hot Line
2.It Don't Take Much
3.Hold Back The Night
4.Hooked For Life
5.Save A Place
6.Mellow Out
8.Dance Contest
9.Disco Inferno
10.Where Do We Go From Here
11.Pray All You Sinners
12.Breathtaking View
13.That's Where The Happy People Go
14.The Night The Lights Went Out
15.Let Me Dance Real Close
16.Love Magnet
17.Stop And Think
18.Love Aint Been Easy
19.Soul Searching Time
20.More Good Times To Remember
21.Wake Up From Yesterday
Outro:Trammps Disco Theme

Movie Music # 5
May 29, 2017 12:12 AM PDT

Helloooo, Greensboro, N.C. / Tokyo, Japan.....and Basementeers everywhere..

Well we are counting down the Movie Music series, only 1 more to go after this....This is show No # 5 in our movie music series...almost done now.
We give you some rare songs that only appeared on movie soundtracks by sometimes big artists, and not so big, but who dose shows like this ?? we do..

So songs were playing will be from: Robin Williams / Dusty Springfield / Spinal Tap / Sony & Cher / The Beatles / Elvis Presley and Joe Simon as the Beaver.

So break out that popcorn and go to the movies in your mind.

Intro:Swing On A Star-Mitchell Ayers Orch.
1.Big Time Theme-Smokey Robinson
2.Spin Out-Elvis Presley
3.Your Mother Should Know-The Beatles
4.Magical Mystery Tour-Ambrosia
5.Toad Hoping & Fill Out(Grass Hoppers Feast)-The Butterfly Ball
6.Somebody Super Like You-The Undead
7.Give Me Some Money-Spinal Tap
8.It's Getting Harder-The Mindbenders
9.One Last Kiss-Bye Bye Birdie SDTK
10.The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs-Ernie Freeman
11.We May Never Love This Way Again-Maureen McGovern
13.It's The Little Things-Sony & Cher
14.Don't Do That To Me-Freddy & The Dreamers
15.Flim Flam Man-Barbara Streisand
16.That Darn Cat-Louie Prima
17.If I Were King Of The Forest-Bert Larr
18.Well Blow Me Down-Robin Williams
19.Oohwee Baby-Darlene Love
20.I Never Met A Rose-Litlle Prince SDTK
21.The Look Of Love-Dusty Springfield
22.Were Home Again-Elaine Paige
23.Don't Rain On My Parade-Barbara Streisand
24.Wouldn't It Be Loverly-Elisa Doolittle
25.Knowing When To Leave-Promises, Promises SDTK
26.Do The Monkey Doodle-Doo-Mary Eaton
27.Golden Rainbow-Steve Lawrence
28.Song For Aging Children-Alice's Restaurant
29.The Emeralds-Topkapi SDTK
30.Sweet Cleopatra Jones-Joe Simon
31.I'm Going Down-Rose Royce
32.One-Cast-A Courus Line
33.Hang My Head & Moan-Sammy Johns
34.The Faithful Heart-Pat Boone
35.Chase-Georgio Morader
36.C'est Magnifique (Saymonyafeka)-Frank Sinatra
Outro:T-Stands For Trouble-Marvin Gaye

Spotlight Show - The Stories (Brother Basement)
May 25, 2017 06:54 PM PDT

Helllooo Beasementeers everywhere....

Today on the spotlight series we have a rockin' group that has been long forgotten'..well not here. We have a band called: The Stories. Mike Brown formerly from: The Left Banke and a new star Ian Lloyd as lead vocals. This band ripped through some kick arss songs that half of you out there are going to want to get there 3 lp's. This band only had 3 albums, but we were able to pull together enough for at least an hour of music we think you will like.

So let's start opening the books on...THE STORIES.....

1.Take Over
2.Believe Me
3.Soft Rain
5.Step Back
7.Hey France
8.I Can't Understand It
9.Hi & Low
10.Mammy Blue
11.Brother Louie
12.I'm Coming Home
13.Please, Please
14.Traveling Underground

An Hour In The Basement
May 21, 2017 08:38 PM PDT

Hellooo, Jacksonville, FL & Paris, France...and Basementeers everywhere.............

Yes here's another show of various trax we pulled out of the wall of the musical basement.

We took out for this weeks show, songs from : The Monkees / Frankie Avalon / Ricky Nelson / Chicago / Peter Noone / Al Kooper / The 4 Seasons and Gene Pitney as the Beaver.....

So put us on in the backround and keep us cranked.....

Intro: A Tab In The Ocean-Nektar
1.Stand Up-Pat Travers
2.Here I Stand-Wade Flemons
3.Wasted Days, Wasted Nights-Freddy Fender
4.Your My Girl-Frankie Avalon
5.The Truth Often Hurts-Chad & Jeremy
6.Love, Love-Brewer & Shipley
8.Baby Doll-The Supremes
9.Electrical Language-Be Bop Delux
10.Dody-The 4 Seasons
11.What Evers Right-The Monkees
12.Dangerous Road-The Marshal Tucker Band
13.Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes-Al Kooper
14.Some Kind Of Summer-Trini Lopez
15.You Need Love Like I Do-Temptations
16.Circle For A Landing-3 Dog Night
17.I'm Gonna Rock Tonight-Peter Noone
18.Highway Of Love-10 Years After
19.A New Star Shines-Richard Bush
20.Magic To Do-Pippin SDTK
21.An Hour In The Shower-Chicago
22.I'll Turn To Stone-The 4 Tops
23.Lay Your Love Down-Henry Gross
24.I Wanna Move With You-Ricky Nelson
25.A Million Things To Do-Patty Duke
26.No Matter What You Do-Gene Pitney
27.My Time Is Gonna Come-The Who
28.Wanna Get Back On The Floor And Boogie-The Kean Brothers
29.I Love To Love-Tina Charles
30.The Way She Dances-New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Outro:More Then A Dream-Eivets Rednow (Stevie Wonder)

Spotlight Show -The Police (Once Upon A Basement)
May 18, 2017 06:30 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers everywhere....

Today we have one of the biggest punk bands from the early 80's...The Police Ya Stings old band. Were going to drop the needle on some lp trax and some rare b-sides (45's) and throw in a hit or two just to make it fair.
So don't get arrested, go in your cell and hear the cops play to you....

Intro:The Other Way Of Stoping
1.Next To You
2.Synchronicity 2
3.Canary In A Coal Mine
4.It's Alright For You
5.Invisible Sun
6.Once Upon A Daydream
7.Don't Stand So Close To Me '86
8.Can't Stand Losing You
9.Drivin' To Tears
10.Secret Journey
11.Miss Gradenko
12.Message In A Bottle
13.Dead End Job
15.Da Doo Doo Doo Dada Da Da
16.Truth Hits Everybody
17.Murder By Numbers
18.Hungry For You
20.When The World Is Running Down
22.Omega Man
Outrobig smileeath Wish

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