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Spotlight Show - HEATWAVE
July 20, 2017 09:37 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers everywhere...

Since it's Summer we have a real HOT show for you..they were called: HEATWAVE.....They were very big in the later 1970's and did some funky/disco music that kept people dancing for a few years. They made the fraze : BOOGIE NIGHTS popular again.

So if your in a dancing mood, or hearing this group for the first time, well either way, here we go and ready to BOOGIE.....

Intro:Big Guns
1.Too Hot To Handle
2.Gangster Of The Groove
3.Find It In Your Heart
4.The Groove Line
5.The Night We Fell
6.Always And Forever
7.Jitter Buggin'
9.Send Out For Some Sunshine
10.State To State
11.Going Crazy
12.Boogie Nights
13.Put The Word Out
14.Mind What You Find
15.Leaving For A Dream
16.Turn Around
17.All Talked Out
18.Super Soul Sister
Outro:Hold On To The One

Time Approx : 90 Min.

Basement On The Run
July 16, 2017 07:53 PM PDT

Helloooooo Columbus, Ohio and Moscow, Russia.....and Basementeers everywhere.

Today on the show is more various mish-mash in a show just putting more groups and songs together in to make the variety more interesting.

We have songs from : Point Blank / Jody Miller / Mel & Tim / The Spinners / The Hollies and Big Brother & The Holding Company as the Beaver.....

So were ready to go are you ???....

Intro:A Tab In The Ocean-Nektar
1.Kings Road-Tom Petty
2.Fresh Wind-The Orleans
3.Going Down For The Third Time-Phoebe Snow
4.Coo-Coo-Big Brother & The Holding Company
5.Everybody's Laughing-The Esquires
6.Till I Met You-Bobby Rydell
7.Daddy Rollin'-Dion
8.Alive And Living-Jethro Tull
9.Some Will Wait-Richie Havens
10.You Can't Lose-Ace
11.I've Been Down-Charlie Daniels Band
12.I Live For Your Love-Nantucket
13.I Just Want To Know-Point Blank
14.Delaware Tag & The Outlaw Boys-The Hollies
15.Painted Magic-The Spinners
16.When My Sugar Walks Down The Street-Peggy Lee
17.Yes Indeed-Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins
18.Every Hand In The Land-Arlo Guthrie
19.Soul Sister Annie-Melanie
20.Sing Baby Sing-Stylistics
21.I'm In Love Again-Rick Nelson
22.Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad-Tammy Wynette
23.Makes No Difference-Pat Travers
24.Love Like A Warm Sorrow-Kiki Dee
25.I Walk The Line-Jody Miller
26.Forget It I Got It-Mel & Tim
27.Everyday Of My Life-Little River Band
28.Secret Love-P.J. Proby
29.Wendy Wakefield-Mak Lindsay
30.Nobody's Gonna Tell Me How To Play My Music-Michael Murphy
31.Stranger On The Run-Del Shannon
32.Here And Now-Glen Campbell
33.Rock On And On-Doug Koempel
Outro:Where Is The Dream Of Your Youth-The Strawbs

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Shawn Phillips
July 13, 2017 08:24 PM PDT

Hellooooo Basementeers all over.....

Today it's Shawn Phillips..rock's best kept secret. He was a guy who made the acoustic 12 string guitar famous. Were going to play trax from his albums, we think you will like his stuff. If you were a hippy in the 1970's, you would have known about his music, well he still make a CD or two even in modern times too. So let's dive in to the music of Shawn Phillips.

Intro:Funkin' Country Rock & Roll Stew
1.Do You Wonder
2.Light Of Life
3.Bright White
4.Pride Of Man
5.Share The Wealth
7.Anello Where Are You
8.Screaming For Phlyses
10.Mr. President
11.Another Country
12.Take It Easy
13.Crown Of Love
14.Keep On/Sleepwalk/Song For Mr. C
15.Lost Horizon
16.Nobody Listens
17.Wind Of The Angels
18.Hide Away
19.Parisan Plight 1
21.Song For Sagaterrions
22.I'm An American Child
23.Lovely Lady
24.Victoria Emmanuel
26.8500 Years
27.Believe In Life
28.Miniver Cheevy
31.The Lost And Lonely
32.Rumplestilskin Resolve
Outro:I Just Came To Say Goodby

Time Approx: 2:24 Hours (Yes A Long Show)

Your Husband, My Basement
July 09, 2017 08:44 PM PDT

Hellooooo.....Honolulu, Hawaii / Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain.....and all Basementeers.............

Today we are doing the same only different but as usual, more old classic songs that you never get to hear anywhere else, unless you have these records....OHH YOU DO ?? OK great!!......

Today were going to play songs from: The Beach Boys / The Moody Blues / The Kings / The Rolling Stones / Lighthouse / The Beatles and Lou Reed as the Beaver......

So here we spin again in the basement of music..

Intro:Tab In The Ocean-Nektar
1.How Do You Ride-Slade
2.Make Your Move-Ray Gomez
3.No Lies-The Bishops
4.Sweet Jane-Mott The Hoople
5.Walk It And Talk It-Lou Reed
6.Aint No Big Thing-The Radiants
7.You Girl-Lighthouse
8.Love Me Like Before-Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
9.With You-Levitt & McClure
10.Take The Highway-The Marshal Tucker Band
11.Could I-Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
12.Here Comes The Night-The Beach Boys
13.Wont You Be My Lady-Dave Clark 5
15.Dontcha Bother Me-Rolling Stones
16.Once Before-The Remains
17.24 Hours Of Loneliness-Classics 4
18.It's A Plane Shame-Peter Frampton
19.Heaven Knows-The Grassroots
20.Don't Cheat On Me-The Counts
21.Don't Bother Me-The Beatles
22.Right To The Top-The Kings
23.Blues From An Airplane-Jefferson Airplane
24.It's Up To You-The Moody Blues
25.I'll Try Something New-Supremes & Temptations
26.Cottonmouth-The Doobie Brothers
27.Ecstacy-The Raspberries
28.Go All Night-Pat Travers
29.It's My Life-Animals
30.Your Husband, Your Wife-Brooklyn Bridge
31.I Want A Little Girl-Ray Charles
32.Asphalt Cowboy-Sleepy LaBeef
33.Where Do We Go From Here-Chicago
Outro:Ginza Samba-Stan Getz

Time Approx: 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Peter & Gordon
July 06, 2017 10:04 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers......

This spotlight show is a popular 60's duo they were called: Peter & Gordon. Yes they had ties to the Beatles, will cover all that in the show, lots of interesting stories here, plus the music we have to play also.

So will start the show and just follow along.....

Intro:A World Without Love
1.Knight In Rusty Armor
2.Don't Pity Me
3.If I Were You
4.What You Gonna Do About It
5.Mornings Calling
6.I Can Remember
7.She Needs Love
8.Here Comes That Hurt Again
10.Wrong From The Start
12.Stranger With The Black Glove
13.I Told You So
14.I Go To Pieces
15.Leave Me Alone
16.Never Ever
17.London At Night
18.Leave My Woman Alone
19.Nobody I Know
20.Any Day Now
21.My Heart Skips A Beat
22.I Know A Man
23.Tears Don't Stop
24.Till There Was You
25.To Show I Love You
26.Last Night I Woke
27.Land Of Oden
28.Goodby My Love
29.If You Wish
30.Baby I'm Yours
31.Sweet Dreams
32.Crying In The Rain
33.I Feel Like Going Out
34.A World Without Love
35.Two Little Love Birds
36.There's No Living Without You
37.Lonely Avenue
Outro:Uncle Harrington

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Psych Show # 2 - I Can Hear The Basement Grow
July 03, 2017 12:26 AM PDT


Hellooooo...Riverside, California & San Juan, Philippines ......and Basementeers all over......

This week the Basement is sort of on vacation, but that dose not mean were shutting down for the week, were playing again 2 popular shows from the past, what we call (Basement Replays).

We are doing Psych songs on this show.
Will be spinning songs from: The Bo Street Runners / Love / Frank Zappa / The End / The Grassroots / The Electric Prunes and The Frost as the Beaver....

So trow on the Lava Lights and let's go be GROOVY.......

Intro:Gloria-Blues Magoos
1.Cause I Love You-Lord Sutch
2.Journey To Time-Kenny & The Kasuals
3.Baby-The Tasmanians
4.Whatcha Gonna Do-The Nashville Teens
5.I Want What You Got-Baker Knight
6.Black Knight-The Frost
7.Try It-The Ohio Express
8.I Can Hear The Grass Grow-Blues Magoos
9.She's My Baby-The Mojo Men
10.Bad Little Women-Shadows Of Knight
11.Electric Star-The Bo Street Runners
12.Someday Baby-Neil Diamond
13.Bird Of Passage-Jan & Lorraine
14.Faster, Faster-Think
15.Up Through The Spiral-Poe
16.Here Comes The Night-The Beach Boys
17.I Happen To Love You-The Electric Prunes
18.Cardboard Watch-The End
19.A Stitch In Time Saves None-The Sunshine Company
20.Flower Punk-Frank Zappa
21.You Could BE A Witch-The Lollypop Shoppe
22.You Make Everything Right-The Bubblegum Machine
23.Put Your Mind At Ease-Every Mothers Son
24.The All Golden-Van Dyke Parks
25.Fly Me To Havana-The Grassroots
26.Rock Me-Steppenwolf
27.She Laughed Loud-The Merry Go Round
28.The Loser-Gary Lewis & The Playboys
29.Little Red Book-Love
30.She Hangs Out-The Monkees
31.Fly-J.K. & Co.
32.Big Daddy's Blues-St. George & Tana
33.I'm In Love With You-Kasenetz / Katz Super Circus
34.Life Aint No Bucket Of Roses-The Mavericks
35.One Night Man-The Zoo
36.Somethings Wrong-Bernie Schwartz
Outro:Beautiful, Flower-Rajout & The Sepoy Mutiny

Time Approx : 2 Hours.

What Kind Of Basement Are You (The 4th Of July Show)
July 02, 2017 11:58 PM PDT


Hellooooo All of you all over the United States, and the world over.....

As people may know it's Independence Day this week (July 4th) So we are playing our patriotic music on this episode of SFTB.

Songs we have are from: Johnny Cash / James Brown / Simon & Garfunkel / Ohio Players / Chicago / Kansas and The Beach Boys as the Beaver....

So let's have a bang up of a time hearing this one.....

Intro:Anchors Aweigh-Henry Mancini
1.God You Must Have Blessed America-Glen Campbell
2.Spirit Of America-Ed Munter
3.What's More American-Bing Crosby
4.Song For America-Kansas
5.Americas-The French Revolution
6.What Now America-Lee Michaels
7.Sandy-The Hollies
8.American Folk Trilogy-St. Louis Park Band & Choir
9.Amusement Parks USA-The Beach Boys
10.America Again-W. Willow
11.Saturday In The Park-Chicago
12.Feel The Spirit-Leroy Hutson
13.Bicentennial-The Ohio Players
14.Bicentennial-Loudon Wainwright III
15.What Kind Of American Are You-Tiny Tim
16.America My Home-James Brown
17.What Did Washington Say-Lou Monte
18.America-Simon & Garfunkel
19.Somethings Just Got To Change-Ray Charles
20.Ragged Old Flag-Johnny Cash
21.Give Mr Liberty, Or Give My Death-The Salem Travelers
22.America Communicate With Me-Ray Stevens
23.Freedom Lives In A Country Song-R.W. Blackwood & The Blackwood Singers
24.A Day That Changed The World-Jimmy Dean
25.MIA / POW-Pat Boone
26.Hey America-James Brown
27.Battle Hymn Of L.T. Calley-Terry Nelson & C. Company
28.Spirit Of America-The Beach Boys
29.When Johnny Comes Marching Home-Lee Michaels
30.God Bless America-Kate Smith
Outro:Hey America-James Brown

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - No Dice / Mark Tanner Band
June 30, 2017 09:20 PM PDT

Helloooo Basementeers all over the world......

Darn computers..late again..but hope this show will make it up to all of you.

We have something different this time, a first in SFTB spotlight show history..were throwing 2 groups into 1 show. The groups : No Dice and The Mark Tanner Band. Maybe not very familiar to you ?? well these groups only had 2 lp's. So we thought if we play 30 minutes of music from both bands, you will get to hear at least 3 songs roughly from both the 2 lp's from both bands. So the first 30 minutes of the show will be the music of : NO DICE. Then the last 30 minutes will be from : THE MARK TANNER BAND.

We might do this in the future only for bands that have only 2 lp's out, but were trying this one for the first time. We all hope you like both bands.

BAND ONE:.....NO DICE.........
Intro:Come Dancing
1.Why Sugar
2.Angel With A Dirty Face
4.Bad Boys
5.Down & Dry
6.No Stone Upturned
7.Spacey Romance


1.Get Away
2.Hot & Cold
3.Never Again
4.When You Were Young
6.And You Do
8.Prove It To You
Outro:She's So High

Time Approx: 60 Min.

Public Basement
June 25, 2017 09:02 PM PDT

Heloooooo....Miami, Fl / Lisbon, Portugal.......And Basementeers everywhere.......

Today we are playing more fuzzy music from the beyond. As usual we will explore more music from bands that maybe you have not heard the music from, We love doing that because when are you going to hear the bands elsewhere ??? So...

We will play track from: Sammy Hagar / Johhny Cash / Ben E. King / Peter & Gordon / Alice Cooper / Rolling Stones and Ray Charles as the Beaver.....

So as usual.....were about to spin the records again...

Intro:Tab In The Ocean-Nektar
1.Woman-Pure Prairie League
2.Circus-String Drivin' Thing
3.Rich Kids Blues-Tim Davis
4.Salt Of The Earth-Rolling Stones
5.Yes Indeed-Julie London
6.Keep Me From Going Under-Mike O'Gara
7.Coal Cruzer-The Hornets
8.Singing The Blues-Chillywack
9.Buddy's Song-Bobby Vee
10.Fly Away-The Orleans
11.Dixie Rock-Wet Willy
12.Memorial Drive-Procol Harum
13.Public Animal # 9-Alice Cooper
14.Pack Of Fools-Sea Train
15.Mississippi Lulliby-Vigras & Osborne
16.Mornings Calling-Peter & Gordon
17.Presents To Send You-Jimmy Buffett
18.Loving Baby Girl-Melanie
19.Zoom, Zoom-The Dream Lovers
20.Wild One-Chuck Francour
21.Stompede-The Markettes
22.Turn Up The Music-Sammy Hagar
23.Do It In The Name Of Love-Ben E.King
24.The Way I Walk-Jack Scott
25.Subway-Quicksilver Messenger Service
26.Sweet Little Mona-Aron Nevil
27.I Wonder Why-Dion & Bellmonts
28.Body Talkin'-Dr. Hook
29.I Miss Someone-Johnny Cash
30.Lonely Teardrops-Jay & The Americans
31.I Wonder Why-Ray Charles
Outro:Banzi Pipeline-The Astronauts

Time Approx : 2 Hours

Spotlight Show - Wet Willy
June 25, 2017 08:15 PM PDT

Hellooo Basementeers...

Computer Problems this week

This week we present a southern rock band called: WET WILLY...
Were going to play tracks from there albums. This is one of the southern rock bands that's been some-what forgotten.

So let's get into it...Wet Willy in the basement.

Intro:Red Hot Chicken
2.Make You Feel Love Again
3.Shout Balama
4.Lucy Was In Trouble
6.Dixie Rock
7.No, No, No,
8.Dirty Leg
9.Country Side Of Life
11.She's My Lady
12.You Don't Know What You Mean To Me
13.Low Rider
14.Ring You Up
15.Street Corner Serenade
18.Everything You Do Will Come Back To You
19.The Hard Way
20.Grits & Groceries
21.Keep On Smiling
22.It's Gonna Stop Raining
23.Rain Man
24.Rock & Roll Band
25.Shaggies Song
26.Take It To The Music
27.Walking By Myself
28.Spinning Around
Outro: In Our Hearts

Time Approx : 2 Hrs.

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